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Adaptation Evaluation


What aspects of the process – artistically or technically – prompted the greatest satisfaction and why?

In this process my greatest satisfaction was finishing my final concept art piece, due to this being the piece i left until last and worked the hardest of the level of satisfacion was much more than the rest of the work. Also the concpet art was done in Photoshop, i have been trying to increase my skills in Photoshop across the year and especially recently over the easter whilst making final touches on work so having a piece come out as nicely as i felt it did was very satisfying. finalI used textures for the floor, stadium and sky aswell as hand painttextures for extra detail or shading so it was a real bonus when done. i also enjoyed the write up of my story enjoying literature at A-level played its part there.




What aspects of the process – artistically or technically – posed problems or difficulties, and how were they resolved?

For adaptation id say that again the concept art was the hardest i had layering issues to begin with when applying textures and making sure i had multiplied one layer to overlay another to get the effect i wanted required alot of tweaking and experimenting, it wasnt just a paint and done project it took alot of time and really testing my artist eye for detail and colour. Other aspects would have been the storyboard, i am unfamilar with storyboarding and have not personally drawn them alot so this was a difficult task for me as a storyboard should speak for itself and trying to make mine portray that was harder than expected. I resolved the storyboard issue by researching into storyboarding gathering references to see how a fight scene (my focus) would be storyboarded, this helped alot and my final storyboard was a good one. Storyboard






As a consequence of thinking about these former questions, what can be identified as the core strengths and weaknesses of the approach to and execution of the project?

Well my strengths in this prject was definately the visuals and ideas i was generating, the thought process behind it and level of research really put me on the front foot to begin with acting as a platform for the rest. Then by tackling each part one by one i felt i got work out of the way instead of half done then moving onto the latest one given instead it was done then i progressed. And finally the time and effort put into the concept art piece was pleasing especially with the outcome. Weaknesses would be that i didnt digitalise alot of my work which would have been better in some cases, for example the character design sheet in multiple views would have been great done in photoshop aswell as the storyboard. So my approach to moving my artistic drawings into digital work wasnt as good as it should have been as the concept piece was the only one and looked the best by far.
What are the key strengths and weaknesses of the final outcome of the project? What aspects have been successful and why? If it was possible to change something, what would it be and why? The strengths was my final concept piece, also the drawings i did for props, environments and characters i felt was very strong. Weaknesses would be not enough digitalised versions of those drawings limiting my range of work in some areas to just sketches. The successful aspect of the project was how i tackled it one by one not moving on until i have finished the previous one and then later i added to previous ones when i had the time e.g. props i did helmets orignally then i moved onto characters but came back to armor,gauntlets and boots. If i was to change anything about my work it would be that i would have given myself more allocated time for digitalising all my adaptation work to show before and afters from drawings to digital currently i can only do that for the concept piece.

What set of “recommendations” can be drawn from evaluating the project, which will be useful on another occasion? i would recommend myself to be more experiemental and not avoid using programs i may not be used to, when i did adaptation photoshop was fairly new to me so a digital version of most things was something i put off when i did my concept later on i had gained skills in photoshop from my tutors in lectures so that showed alot of progress but i never went back to do the others. other than that i felt i tackled the brief well.



Identity- Design Part 3

Previous work: blog 1, blog 2, blog 3, blog 4.

As explained in the last part of this project i was moving onto the design process of a logo for both black rose and rusty tank being undecided on which to choose. Using different typography, style, and size to try fine tune what i want my ident to look like.

Here is what i got for Black Rose:

Black RoseThese are some of the designs that i came up with as you can see i followed the path of an elegant look to the black rose to complement the beauty of a real rose. My favourites were the bottom left with the inverted text font and rose stencil and then the two in the top left with the elegant flow to the font, I particularly liked the rose joined onto the end so i tried to implement that in other designs.

Moving onto Rusty Tank:

Scan 36These designs i was really pleased with the army stencil path focus was particularly a favourite of me and my peers, i tried to implement army military related themes to the ident with the actual rusty tank drawing but specially the army star for the letter A which was a nice feature.

After this i took both into Photoshop to have a digital version of them so i would be able to import into adobe after effects when eventually making the ident.

ident photoshop




Here is my black rose final ident digitally, i am pleased with it as it has met my original objectives of being elegant and representing a roses beauty with various features from different ident designs.

rusty tank ident photoshop




This was my rusty tank ident, it came out exactly how i wanted implemented stencil font with the army star for the A but with a rusted eroded edge effect added to it around the edge, i then also added a filter->noise->dust & speckles to add extra speckles to the font to enhance the dirty rusty image. Deciding im going to go down the route of Rusty tank I wanted to develop further on the logo so i placed a rusted metal texture into Photoshop put it over the top of the ident turned down the opacity to show the rust texture over the top then used the background eraser and magic wand to remove the rust texture everywhere but the text. this was the result:

rusty tank ident photoshop added rust










I also added a branded style box around the font to try implicate that this ident might be indented or embossed onto a vehicle, then rotated it to a slight angle and added a painted shadow to the left of the font. This was my final ident for rusty tank, now to storyboard the ident before i put it into after effects.

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Casual Game Proposal 2

In casual games we have done a lesson which was our first lesson using Adobe Flash Professional (more information on previous blog post). This use of software was useful for us not only for our Casual Games project but our actual flash timeline, but purely focusing on our Casual Games topic we have been asked to produce a brief proposal on what casual game we would be making in flash. To make sure I had my ideas on the right track I had to go back over my previous research on casual games to reinforce what exactly was a casual game and the requirements to make one.

“Developed  for the general public and families, casual games are video games that  are fun and easy to learn and play. The games are platform agnostic,  meaning they can be played via the Internet, Facebook, PC, and Macintosh  computers, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Wii and even mobile phones, iPhone and PDA. They’re nonviolent, arcade-style games that involve puzzles,  words, board and card games, game show and trivia. Popular games are  Mah-jong, Tetris, Solitaire, Bejeweled,  Mystery Case Files,  and Farmville.”-Casual Game Description

So originally for my casual game (the proposal here) i wanted to make a brick breaker style keep the ball up and hit targets football themed game relevant to the stick man kick ball flash animation aboveflash, i was having alot of issues with the coding for this in the form of levels and the collisions in the targets code. Due to thinning time and frustrations hitting a new level i decided it would be best to put this to one side and pursue it in the summer. By doing this i obviously needed a new casual game for my module briefs so i went down the path of a tower defense game, this tower defense game would be styled on many other tower defense games which involve a maze for the enemy to try get from start to finish but you stop them using turrets or methods of some sort. Games like this include Bloons tower defense series which is a hugely popular and now multiplayer game with micro transactions features various monkeys which pop balloon’s  using everything from darts to plasma laser super monkeys.


Heres some more examples of different and popular tower defense games at casualgirlgamer.

So i wanted a tower defense game with a maze and varied difficulties of enemies and a few levels nothing huge or complex but a challenge. The game would need a money value to place the turret onto the game and therefore a money gain function when an enemy died and dependent on the level the higher the money gained. the turrets would have range if i could find a way to show that maybe a hover over radius or click to select tower. obviously a limited amount of levels and lives so the game is both there to win and lose with a reset button on the win/lose screen. the turrets need to fire bullets at the enemies perferably lock on so its not impossible which then means health of the enemies is considered and bullet damaged to that health which will alter with level of enemy. if i have time id like to make different maze levels and possibly more expensive better turrets.

This is my proposal which i intend to follow and try to complete. In the end ill have a tower defense game with the basic fundamentals of a tower defense game in, it wont be a full blown 100 different turret styles different weapon damage game but the focus will be there and it will be a casual game.

Progress to follow…











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The Street- Building Proposal

As the next stage of the brief (heres part 1 research) for The Street project we have been given the next part which we have to build a shop/building in 3DS Max. We have to now create a proposal to pitch to our tutors what our building is including information behind it and reasons behind your choice of building. It has to be inspired by at least one building of the same nature or more or combined to create a generic building.

Street Project- Building Proposal

Bulding Type- A Fish and Chips Restaurant, aiming itself at the tourist and public crowd. 1 storey high with a pyramid hip roof at the front and flat near the back. drainage systems on the building

Period Built- Built in 1990s traditional brick walls with tiled roof. Area at the front with some picnic benches to sit outside the shop but not much space there so extenstion was created at back due to increased customers. It was built orginally as a ice cream shop but due to lack of year round sales it was overtaken and changed to a fish and chips restaurant.

Contempory changes- recently had a newer burglar alarm system fitted to the side of the building

Back of the building has had a paved decking extended for a extra outside eating area.

The sign at the front has been re-designed from a previously blocky type simple in design to a more modern 3d sign with harbour related signs attached.

State of Repair- None, recent extension added so no work needs to be done.

Important External Features- Signage of the restaurant “Straight from the Dock” with a boat and fish to one side of the text.

Drainage pipes, Picnic benches, air ventilation units, alarm, A- Board for best offer.

Problems to solve-  beleiveable interior through the glass without modelling interior.

Additional Notes- possible request not to be on a corner due to back extension of shop.





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Idea- Iconic Games Flash Timeline

The idea for the timeline is to have a levelled system to it, like a mini game.

So you roll the ball on a 2d side-scroller and when you roll on a panel it reveals e.g. Sonic and small info on why its iconic.

You reach the end of the generation and move to the next level which is the next gen and so on.

Whilst in the level you can choose to revert back or roll back to re-read information.

To have this as a solid idea to pursue i will have to do multiple checks on how this will be coded in action script 3. Amongst gathering the information and research from my survey which i am currently unable to attain as it requires money to unlock but i will sort that out soon. So a clear understanding on where i am going in this topic is now with me so i can really knuckle down into coding it.