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3D Realisation- Physical Modelling (23/10/13)

For todays instalment of 3D Realisation we was asked to bring in our resources that we had gathered for the physical model side of 3D modelling. So I had been to Hobby Craft a couple of days before with some friends of the course to pick up some clay for this purpose. We had a choice of what to do for physical modelling in general but for this lesson we was asked to bring in clay to test our pure sculpting skills. The items I did forget to bring was an apron (to protect my clothes), some sculpting tools (anything homemade or bought) and a base (something to wrap the clay around to reduce amount of clay used). With these minor setbacks I could still do a clay model it would just take a lot more work on my behalf and slightly more clay.

As I began to model the clay of my 3d model which is the Eagle perched on the stone carved statue I was getting nowhere, what I was thinking of doing in my head was nothing like what was happening before my eyes. This did disappoint me but I did know this was going to be hard, I even mentioned in a previous blog that I thought I would struggle on the physical modelling due to lack of experience in sculpting. Despite this I spent all the session time grafting and crafting my eagle head for the statue, multiple times Paul came over and did suggest to me that I did it piece by piece then bring it all together and also he suggested I use scissors as a tool to pluck the feathers into the eagles head. After around 30minutes focusing so hard on one side I felt I was getting somewhere until I suddenly realise its a 3d model and I was only working on one face rather than a 360 degree view, this was a problem as when I turned the model is was very squashed my eagle had an abnormally squashed head. I did consider saying im making this mythical creature up its meant to look like this but it just wasn’t right.

I even had this video on in the background whilst doing my model but to the scale I was doing it I wasn’t grasping it at all. By the end of the session I had made some progress seen as I was left to my own devices to teach myself and came out with a squashed abnormal eagle and a pacman I did with my leftover clay bits.

2013-10-23 15.51.11

The cracking of the clay was definitely an issue I had to get a cup of water and keep reapplying to stop the clay from drying up and crumbling but I could use this to my advantage as feathers have texture and if I can get it right it could add a good texture to my feathers.

2013-10-23 15.51.30

This picture perfectly shows what I was explaining about the eagle being “squashed”, although I do think I maybe being a tad to hard on myself as you can tell its an eagle and certain features such as the eyes and eye sockets I think I have done very well.2013-10-23 15.50.51

Then this is my pacman effort with some left over clay bits when we was nearly finished which I felt was a good effort on my behalf something so basic but if its recognisable I cannot complain. But with it being not my actual model I only spent a short amount of time on it.

Overall I am fairly pleased with my work, I wasn’t the only one who struggled with this work most of my fellow students had a lot of problems getting the work what they wanted into the clay model so its all a learning curve for me and everyone else really we now know that practice and time will be needed with this.


3D Realisation- Ideas (16/10/11)

So after my last lesson on 3D Realisation (last blog) I had gone away with full understanding of my field on work which would be 3d environment artist and I had picked my chosen 3d artist of Tor Frick. From this I had to go away and gather some research so that I could give myself a good idea what I might be doing my 3D Model on. So what I did was go onto Tor Frick’s website to gather some inspiration for my work. Although I still do not have a reply from him when I emailed him I believe that I can learn a lot just from looking and studying his work in detail.

So the ideas I was grasping from this video was originally a tomb entrance, I could do the “Data core” which is his idea and shape/layout in UDK but do it in a sort of mythological style with statues and gargoyles, with encryptions on the walls and a really ancient carved out stone look to it. So that was the vision, a tomb/lair entrance in a ancient texture. So I did a really quick sketch of this when pitching my ideas to Paul, it had the same layout as Tor Frick’s Data core but with a cut out segment of the wall so that when I model it you can see the inside of the model in both the digital and physical form. So although Paul liked the idea he told me “try not to run before you can walk” which basically meant that I was setting the bar too high for my first ever 3d model, we all want to make an amazing 25 story skyscraper with amazing detail but for a beginner 3d artist such as myself it just isn’t possible in the time frame we have for this brief as well as maintaining with other briefs. It would also take hours and hours to render what I had described which would be an issue due to limited lesson time.

The plan of action from that was to cut it down, I still wanted to focus my work on the style of the Data core and do the ancient stone carved lair with lava streams and amazing carvings. So in the Data core main circular room you have the centre pillar with all the electronics on them including what looks like Hal 5000 from 2001: Space Odyssey.#1datacore1 So this centre pillar I pictured myself doing a statue with a slightly damaged and aged surface to represent the scale of the history behind it, but I thought that wasn’t enough and I didn’t want to do the same old dragon carved in stone but I still wanted a winged animal to perch over the top of the statue. These are my ideas on the winged animal:

  • Eagle
  • Griffin
  • Dragon
  • Dragonfly (Dinosaur age massive one)
  • pterodactyl




INDIA dragonfly


Each of these ideas would be very striking on top of this stone carved statue, but something was drawing me to the eagle maybe due to how majestic it looks with its wings arched at landing just like the picture, Even though a griffin does have an eagles head which is definitely striking I do still want to have a sense of realism to my work and with a griffin being a mythological creature I am going to focus on the eagle. I am currently in progress of sketching an eagle and I also have watched a few videos on how to mould a eagle out of clay for when it comes round to doing the physical model.

Overall im pleased with my design focus for 3D and the Eagle Statue could be a fantastic thing to put in my portfolio if I put the time and effort in to add the detail to the statue. Currently now its at the pure research and ideas stage so I haven’t actually had the chance to explore and test any 3d modelling programs yet so im just sketching my ideas and resourcing my physical clay so when we do begin to use the software im all set in research and planning.