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Client Project- Session 11

With us really wanting to push for the christmas period myself and fellow leader Phil had skyped the night before to dicuss what was to be done for Tuesdays session. Last week we had gathered few had done the texturing of the buildings deadline we set so we decided to pin down the interactivity side of things. With that out the way we both agreed that we should start off with another group critique as they are very beneficial for everyones work to improve, then move onto pushing on with the assets everyone was given to try get the level more detail in the block out. This would have happened if more than 4 people turned up. Due to this us 4 Myself, Phil, David and James decided that we would set ourselves a mini brief for the day with a deadline of the end of the day to see how far we got on with it.

This was:

1) To generate an asset list for the concept art street block offs

2) Allocate those assets

3) Get as far along as possible with each asset to be given feedback on by the end of the day

With this being done we quickly used the previous asset list to narrow down what our block off would be, we chose the furniture van conept idea where people had parked a furniture van and was unloading items therefore in the way of the player to get past. This required a furniture van, sofa, chairs, table, cuboard , filing cabinet and people. I took the van seen as i am the strongest vehicle modeller of the group and are focusing on it in my self initiated.

Here are the images i have gathered to help me with the modelling of the van. The blueprints obviously aid with the scale and proportional side of modelling, then the added reference from hulls transport museum is a nice feature as we know the van exists in the area as a furniture van (its initially where we got the idea from).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is what i managed to come up with, I had done up to the basic shape low poly with added interior midway through the day then just applied a turbosmooth to create the cars natural shape. Everything apart from the steering wheel and the front grill had been completed by the end of that day, but i did finish them on the wednesday. I was pleased with my end product after being unsure and unable to find the scale i had to use vectors from a modern day transit van for height and length to get what felt natural for this van. With this being a day and a halfs work I was impressed with my speed clearly showing myself im improving in my modelling skillset to produce a decent end product in what is a short amount of time for a vehicle. There are some parts with smoothing issues around the windows but they are not too bad and look presentable in engine. I chose to open the doors as then some of the assets the other guys had designed could be placed inside for realism, but if needs be i can simply close the doors to give variation if the van is used multiple times in engine.

All it needs now is a texture im yet to start this as i had to go back to buildings but it will be done over christmas. Hopefully next week we can get a group critique in before christmas which will be the 2weeks off, but its not really off as we are behind on the project from where we should be and need to be working over the holidays before hand in.


Self initiated proposal- CarBeat

So for one of the modules of this year we are required to do a self initiated project where we make a game that we want to make. To do this we had to make a 15 second pitch to one of our tutors first off to sell our game as we would to any industry leaders in a interview. Then a proposal document which will be filled out over the year whilst doing this project.

My pitch was simple for me i want to model cars. So it seemed logical to make a racing game of my own so that i can understand the mechanics behind how a racing game works and how my models will work in a racing game. The pitch i proposed was: A drag racing game with manual gear changes, done on a mpink slip basis to collect and become the ultimate petrol head owning all the cars. This realtes to Roger Caillios Theory of Play with Agon which is competition. I intend it to span of 2nd and 3rd year self initiated so that i have a more polish and complete portfolio piece to take away with me at the end of the course.

That was just the selling point some of this was alot briefer to fit into the 15seconds but to get the message across to you readers i elaborated a bit.

Then to hand my proposal abstract in, the game i have called CarBeat the idea behind this is that people who have a unrivalled passion for cars i consider to have a car beat instead of a heart beat so on the monitior it would show a beat of a car in hospital. When your racing the idea is that all is just a zone its you and the finish line trying to get there as fast as you can, all you can hear is your heart beat and the engine so a CarBeat. This ties in to the put adrenaline of wanted to win a race but then the crushing defeat of losing your car, so be in flow it requires ultimate skill focus and to be one with your car to win all. Initially i had the name PetrolHead this was purely down to the pink slips aspect of my game becoming the ultimate petrol head by collecting all the cars of the tornament “you can judge a man by his shoes” sort of thing with “judge a man by his car collection”.

here is my abstract proposal:

CarBeat is a modern day set racing game in which the player races to obtain cars to add to their collection. The range of vehicles varies in age, rarity and speed from classic cars to exotic hyper cars. The race itself will be drag racing on a quarter mile and half mile basis (varies distance), all cars will be run on a manual gear shift basis so that the player will have to shift gears at the correct time to keep up the speed. You become the ultimate Petrol Head on a pink slip basis you win the car is added to your garage you lose your car is lost so the element of risk is there. Friendly races will be there to upskill before gambling all on the slips race. Players can race head to head in single player career mode or split screen 2 players. Implementation of difficulty level will give a rank system of player’s skill also replay-ability on a higher level.

CarBeat is based on a racing tournament which you race to become the ultimate petrol head, only people who race with true passion and skill are considered to have a CarBeat (instead of a heartbeat). That passion and level of competition increases as every race goes by you can win it all or lose it all. With it being manual gear changes its all down to skill and car choice with different stats of acceleration, top speed and weight.

I have chosen to have an optional view of racing, Behind car so you can see all what is going on and also catch a glimpse of the opponent next to you, side on so you can see how close or far you are from your opponent so edging in front then behind idea to the finish (single player only), and super first person where you see from the front of your car (only the track and the HUD).

The game relates to game theory Roger Caillois Theory of Play. Illinx as the player will feel pressure and disorientation when they get faster the screen will blur, Agon as it’s a competition in several different ways PVP, P V AI and collection car levels especially with the slips mode where if you lose you lose the car you have raced in resulting in a smaller petrol head collection; and alea as there is a chance your opponent doesn’t shift at the right time allowing you back into the race. It also links into Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of flow as if you concentrate and focus you will be able to shift gears at the correct time but if you fail to shift at the right times you will over rev your engine causing it to blowout also slowing you down before blowout.

With all that down it got me excited to get going. i have already started sketching down ideas for the games navigation and logo design which ill upload when completed.

the navigation breifly described for the idea i have now is below:

Step to step:

  1. Game start, Menu screen “START GAME”
  1. Contents page menu, options “single player” “split screen” “practice mode” “controls”
    • 2.1. if single player clicked “enter race- choose car” “my collection” “difficulty” “screenshots”
    • 2.2. If split screen clicked “enter race –choose cars”
    • 2.3. If practice mode clicked Thrown straight into a race with a random car with help tutorials.
    • 2.4. If controls clicked, show controls of game.
  1. When “enter race” clicked, choose car on a carousel basis showing statistics of car and colour selection.
  1. RACE!
  1. After race (you win/lose)

5.1. If slips race take to garage to show won car appear or lost car disappear

5.2. Takes you back to mode you’re on loops back to 2.1 2.2 or 2.3

5.3. If completed collection ultimate petrol head show credits or show reel of some race gameplay.

I believe that outlines how it would work fairly well but i will draw up a blueprint navigation to give visual aid to this.

Ultimately this project is a building block for me to test myself to the limits and improve in many fields of work. The main one being automotive modelling, it really is a thing ive found im pretty good at so i feel by pushing myself to pursue it and learn everything i can ill only get better at it every day. Then there is the blueprints side of things making my game work will help so much in industry when handing work down the pipeline if i have taken into consideration aspects of my work so the next person knows exactly where to start there work, or if i can say well its a this and that you need to do to make the car drift better with the rigging. All things that add to becoming a better professional towards industry.

The next step will be research into my area of work so research can be everything from who my competitors will be if i was to launch my game, to playing around in unreal engine 4 blueprints to figure how to get the racing mechanics and game working.