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History of Gaming- Iconic Games Timeline Survey Results

Previously (blog 1, blog 2, blog 3) for my history of gaming work i had been given the topic of “Icons of gaming” as my research focus to then formulate into a adobe flash timeline using my results. Icons of Gaming could we interpreted many ways it could be mascots, iconic games, iconic characters, iconic designers and so on so i had to narrow it down to get a real focus on my work which i chose iconic games throughout the generations. The choice of the generations you give my timeline alot of range to it so its not neglecting a generation of gaming by just saying ionic games from 5th gen onwards.

Obviously i had a few games in mind such as mario, sonic and space invaders but my own personal preferences may be included in this timeline which would result in a bias and personal timeline. To navigate away from this problem i decided to set up a survey and asked a group of my friends and peers to answer the questions i had set using a tick box choice and if i had missed a game they believed was iconic there was a “other” box to type in an answer. like this:question

This worked very well i got a wide range of results which ultimately show how different people have different tastes in games not everyone was all for the same ones. This was followed up at the end by a comments box which i asked them to type a little bit about there most iconic game to them and why, some great responses also came from this. i will now make some infographics of the data i collected and then show the personal comments in relation to them. I had 49 responses to my survey shame it wasnt 50 for a nice found figure but 49 was excellent.iKGG6VYaNu720B7d

This was the first question in relation to the 1st generation, pong came out the winner with 30 votes and space war! behind with 21 votes. Feedback i got for this one was that some people didnt even know what these games were and did tend to pick randomly. the specified other got 2 responses one of asteroids which was a 1st gen game made by atari in 1979 so was a educated response that others may have forgot including myself, but the second response was crash bandicoot with is a 5th generation game so didnt belong there being a wasted vote.

QZ7cZxwcdjJTFodQThe second question was related to 2nd generation games, 1st with 33 was unsurprisingly pacman closely followed by spaceinvaders at 26 votes another very iconic game. This was how i expected these results to come out.ROxYUr44K4cjTsvEThis being 3rd generation was bound to be debatable as personally im not a big player of zelda and never was being born in 1995 i never really got into the later installments of zelda which could be the case for some people i asked aswell. 1st was super mario bros with 33, with tetris 2nd at 25 then zelda 3rd at 15. Despite these results i know zelda is an iconic game and i did expect it to be very close with mario. between the other results it was fairly close but street fighter took 3rd with 17. no other for this section aswell which make me think i chose well.

ZPfXAmJYCeAlyCEy4th generation, sonic was the obvious winner for me and others with 30votes but others didnt do so well and fifa footballs first installment was 2nd with 20votes. When i viewed the other responses i realised i had missed a big game and a personal favourite of mine the Prince of Persia games maybe the results would have been different as it only got 2 votes from people who noticed but i dont think prince of persia is as iconic as other games so wasnt a fatal miss.

21zCNdvd06k0g0nH5th generation was bound to be a debatable one with so many good games in there and dependent on when you were born this could be very different for you, i personally was born in 5th gen 1993-2001 being 1995 and my favourite game of all time is crash bandicoot close second with spyro so childhood hours and hours of gaming played a factor there. Pokemon was 1st with 31 votes, 2nd spyro with 28, 3rd grand theft auto with 27, 4th crash bandicoot on 21 with rayman close behind in 5th at 19 votes. As you can see this was very debatable and had alot of different views on it see i like oddworld but only 5 thought the same as others opted differently with there 6 choices. Not quite how i expected but gaming icons are up there so thats pleasing. the other section included a game i cant believe i forgot to include which is an iconic game definately for feminism of Tomb Raider.

Z3PMpLP8b6rTVadL6th generation was a tough one with clear favourites of Call of Duty on 35votes, 2nd halo with 28 and 3rd ratchet and clank with 18. this one wasnt as close at the top but the bottom people were undecided as nothing really jumped out for them clearly showing these games are not seen as a big deal to them but i cant forget this group is only a handful of people if this was worldwide id have a much fairer test and wider view which im sure world of warcraft being a huge mmorpg would be alot higher. The other box was Tony Hawk with his skateboarding games which im afraid whoever that was doesnt really cut it good games id say yes but not iconic.

XYhnRUrZlbtWwqDjFinally was 7th generation, with this one i felt i had to include alot wider range of games as currently the gaming market is everywhere and games i could really play like angry birds as my phone isnt brilliant are massively popular so the recent rise in apps and mobile gaming had to be considered here but it was hard as being so recent can you list it as immediately iconic well i believe so with assassins creed series being fantastic and educational in a sense. Assassins Creed was 1st with a clear 31 votes, 2nd was GTA V i know i had grand theft auto before as orignal 5th gen release but gta v has broke alot of records so i felt it needed to be included with 25 votes, then it was close 3rd skyrim again i had elder scrolls in 5th gen which didnt do so well but is 3rd here so you can see games over the ages in some cases in series have improved in view of the public with 19, then 3rd killzone with 18 being a playstation exclusive i was surprised it was so high, 4th The Last of Us a massive recent success and surely a iconic game if any for recent times but being so recent and playstation exclusive with 14 votes, then 5th was angry birds a mobile game with 12 votes. so a wide range of views there. the other option was labelled Rome:Total War a strategy pc game which is a very good game to be fair but im not sure its iconic but will be some personal favourites which also started in 5th generation but has a recent installement in 7th so its valid.

That concluded my results most popular being: Pong, pacman, mario, sonic, pokemon, call of duty, assassins creed in each generation. Being a debatable one i will now have to decide which should be considered iconic despite my results as some where missed or not everyones favourite who did the survey but are to the gaming community.

As for the most iconic games personal choice comments box here are the responses:

  • Killzone Shadow Fall: i recently bought myself a PlayStation 4 and if you can call any game a “next gen game” it is definately killzone, not only a visually amazing game but it also uses the majority of the ps4 new features such as the touch pad is your drone. love it.
  • Killzone, recently played on ps4 Killzone: Shadow Fall most impressive visually and gameplay shooter I have ever owned.
  • I think PAC man has to be the most iconic game of all time down to sheer popularity, fun and status, I’d say it’s a legendary and iconic game
  • Favourite Game: Pokémon Yellow The amount of time I spent on that game trying to complete the pokedex and level all my pokemon to maximum was that of a large number. The personal connection I made with my starter pokemon is a connection im yet to make with any other game other than pokemon.
  • Tomb Raider is Bossssssss!!!!!!!!
  • Pokemon just coz pokemon
  • Fifa
  • Crash Tag team Racing, due to that me and my friends used to have a great laugh playing it and beating each other with different characters like cortex and crash.
  • kid chameleon for sega mega drive amazing gameplay and loved the multiple abilities and level design
  • Prince of Persia!!!
  • Dead Space, personally for me it was the first horror style game i ever played in depth. Even though it scared the hell out of me i was gripped to the game and the story line.
  • Fifa – Pro clubs so u can shout at your friends when they miss a sweaty goal (Nathan)
  • GTA SANANDREAS, becaues it was my favourite game growing up and I still play it now
  • Total War from Shogun through to Rome 2. Well researched and immersive experience. Balanced mix of strategy and real time action. A bit let down by Rome 2 though. I think it crosses over your generations starts in about 5th I reckon.
  • Pokémon Red – It’s just brilliant okay
  • Dragonage: origins
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. The game is just a landmark in gaming terms, it is possibly the most popular game to date and continues to be a benchmark against which other games of the same genre are measured. For me it was just such an intense adventure with a well driven story, strong characters, interesting game play and a really cool open world to explore. You could dip into and out of quests and missions as and when you wanted and even though there were points when you had to complete something to progress with the story, for the most part it was left up to the player in which order they completed their quests, which is something that has only recently been seen in other games such as Skyrim and even Fable.
  • Halo 2 as it was the game I bonded with some of my old friends the most
  • need for speed underground 2 because like racing and customizing car
  • SPYRO- Really fun game
  • Difficult one, but personally my all time favourite game has to be between Star Wars Battlefront, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. They were just amazing
  • GTA V , I love the murder violence, robberies and gang rape.
  • Oddworld, it was such a good game series.
  • Streets of Rage Though it’s design is simple, there is something magical about moving through neon lit backdrops in fictional cities and beating up a series of identical looking bad guys under the strange premise of “Justice”. The Characters are colourful and in a way it was one of the first games that allowed you to play the vigilante minus the skin tight outfit… except for Axels jeans, they are proper tight, but it’s like the late 80’s or whatever so fair enough. I wish we could see more games in this vain, the next one released on the next console was Fighting Force, which was renamed from Streets of Rage because the company disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The only one I can think of next is the remake of Final Fight: Streetwise… that was pretty terrible. I guess everyone else is sticking to 1 on 1 fighters or mass slaughterfests that is Dynasty Warriors and there ilk.
  • I think my favourite game has to be mass effect 3, mostly because you can make so many different decisions and they all effect the way the game plays out.
  • Pokemon, because no matter how much the evolution happens with the franchise millions of people still remember and love the original
  • Assassins creed something different and its enjoyable
  • Just dance 3. its awesome.
  • Spyro as I grew up playing it.
  • Call of Duty, most players.
  • GTA because it has so many missions, levels, so much to do and explore and has very good graphics.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – First 3D Legend of Zelda game, ability to explore the world, groundbreaking graphics, classic story.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time because the graphics and gameplay were far beyond any other game of that generation and it’s a timeless game that is still better than other games in thay genre.
  • Gears of war due to it being a primary building block in me and my best friends relationship

Thing i can take from this although zelda didnt do aswell as expect its regarded some peoples most iconic game with the Ocarina of Time game in the series

“Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. The game is just a landmark in gaming terms, it is possibly the most popular game to date and continues to be a benchmark against which other games of the same genre are measured. For me it was just such an intense adventure with a well driven story, strong characters, interesting game play and a really cool open world to explore. You could dip into and out of quests and missions as and when you wanted and even though there were points when you had to complete something to progress with the story, for the most part it was left up to the player in which order they completed their quests, which is something that has only recently been seen in other games such as Skyrim and even Fable.”

That says alot for the game itself, i know its an iconic game already but this is a brilliant comment on exactly why. i also noticed the need for speed games mentioned which for racing games is definately iconic its just not in the overall picture gran turismo would probably take that if any.

Id like to thank everyone for there involvement in the survey as its been very useful to my studies in this topic area. i will now go onto make my flash timeline using my results i have found here and other gathered research that i initially had for iconic games.


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Casual Game- Tower Defence

So originally for my casual game (the proposal here) i wanted to make a brick breaker style keep the ball up and hit targets football themed game relevant to the stick man kick ball flash animation aboveflash, i was having alot of issues with the coding for this in the form of levels and the collisions in the targets code. Due to thinning time and frustrations hitting a new level i decided it would be best to put this to one side and pursue it in the summer. By doing this i obviously needed a new casual game for my module briefs so i went down the path of a tower defense game, this tower defense game would be styled on many other tower defense games which involve a maze for the enemy to try get from start to finish but you stop them using turrets or methods of some sort. Games like this include Bloons tower defense series which is a hugely popular and now multiplayer game with micro transactions features various monkeys which pop balloon’s  using everything from darts to plasma laser super monkeys.


Heres some more examples of different and popular tower defense games at casualgirlgamer.

So i wanted a tower defense game with a maze and varied difficulties of enemies and a few levels nothing huge or complex but a challenge. The game would need a money value to place the turret onto the game and therefore a money gain function when an enemy died and dependent on the level the higher the money gained. the turrets would have range if i could find a way to show that maybe a hover over radius or click to select tower. obviously a limited amount of levels and lives so the game is both there to win and lose with a reset button on the win/lose screen. the turrets need to fire bullets at the enemies perferably lock on so its not impossible which then means health of the enemies is considered and bullet damaged to that health which will alter with level of enemy. if i have time id like to make different maze levels and possibly more expensive better turrets.

I used a tutorial online at FlashGameTuts to get me a focused on how to program a tower defence game, as we are not here to be master programmers but it helps to understand and be able to work with code. This tutorial was very useful it wasnt spoon fed in all case you had to find and place the code given in the right areas making sure you had everything named correctly matched going to the right areas etc. there was no asisstance if you had done something wrong which allowed you to really read into the code over and over to make sense of what you had to find the problem. I really got far with this tutorial with no compiled errors shown up but as i knew flash wasnt going to be nice to me all the way and i came to a stop mid way through the tutorial. The reason for this was that the coded dynamic text in the user interface at the bottom (hud) which displayed money, lives, level and enemies left, what it was sopposed to do was to display the actual value and then when you did an action that directly affected one of them it would decrease e.g. to place a turret its £20 you start with £100 but instead of displaying 80 it just vanished this happened with each of the dynamic texts. this was the first of the problems it also when winning or losing was sopposed to divert to a win/lose page but soon as this was triggered it flashed between the 2 uncontrollably until you clicked to reset the game. The win/lose slide was a massive issue most flash users will relate to me when i say Capital letter instead of lower case was the issue, so it was easily solved but such a minor mistake will break the script. Despite that i check and checked the code to the given code and it was identical my tutor Paul also looked over it and couldnt find any issues which ultimately said why is it not working then. Using trace ( ) coding to track what the function you are tracing is doing showed no change or issues so the problem was unidentifable. Hitting a dead end i noticed he had set his timeline out differently to me this shouldnt have mattered at all confirmed my tutor as the scripting and keyframes used are the same its just the layout, despite this i decided to restart and lay the timeline out this way and it worked so i was allowed to progress. I then went on to finish the game finally putting in harder enemies and level plans so with frustration, stress and hardwork i had finally completed my casual game.

To make sure that it was not just a straight copy i made sure i tailored features of the game to my own specifications. This included the dynamic text user interface was chosen by myself in wording and colouring, the inclusion of a win/lose frame was my own wording and colour, the main one which was the levels was all my own specifications i decided the spawing of the enemies in amounts,order, level, difficulty and speed. I decided to alter the code for the amount of lives from 20 to 1 so you only get one chance making it tactically more difficult and challenging, i altered the amount of money gained from defeating an enemy the original value was 5 per enemy per level but i changed it to 1 per enemy per level e.g. level 1 kill=1money then level 5 kill= 5money and so on so less money gained upped the difficulty and decreased the amount of turrets you could possibly spawn on screen. This was all down to fine tuning i played the game over and over making it harder then easier altering starting money to amount of lives or money earned it was a tweaking process but it gave my game my own personal touch to it.

I would like to if i have time create another level with a different maze and possible research into having a health bar above the enmies so i can really tweak it to be addictingly close to winning, but this is all time dependent.

Im currently in the process of uploading what i have online as my game so i have a shipped game. Thanks to David Smith for being a games tester giving peer assessment so i could focus on gameplay alterations.


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Casual Game Proposal 2

In casual games we have done a lesson which was our first lesson using Adobe Flash Professional (more information on previous blog post). This use of software was useful for us not only for our Casual Games project but our actual flash timeline, but purely focusing on our Casual Games topic we have been asked to produce a brief proposal on what casual game we would be making in flash. To make sure I had my ideas on the right track I had to go back over my previous research on casual games to reinforce what exactly was a casual game and the requirements to make one.

“Developed  for the general public and families, casual games are video games that  are fun and easy to learn and play. The games are platform agnostic,  meaning they can be played via the Internet, Facebook, PC, and Macintosh  computers, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Wii and even mobile phones, iPhone and PDA. They’re nonviolent, arcade-style games that involve puzzles,  words, board and card games, game show and trivia. Popular games are  Mah-jong, Tetris, Solitaire, Bejeweled,  Mystery Case Files,  and Farmville.”-Casual Game Description

So originally for my casual game (the proposal here) i wanted to make a brick breaker style keep the ball up and hit targets football themed game relevant to the stick man kick ball flash animation aboveflash, i was having alot of issues with the coding for this in the form of levels and the collisions in the targets code. Due to thinning time and frustrations hitting a new level i decided it would be best to put this to one side and pursue it in the summer. By doing this i obviously needed a new casual game for my module briefs so i went down the path of a tower defense game, this tower defense game would be styled on many other tower defense games which involve a maze for the enemy to try get from start to finish but you stop them using turrets or methods of some sort. Games like this include Bloons tower defense series which is a hugely popular and now multiplayer game with micro transactions features various monkeys which pop balloon’s  using everything from darts to plasma laser super monkeys.


Heres some more examples of different and popular tower defense games at casualgirlgamer.

So i wanted a tower defense game with a maze and varied difficulties of enemies and a few levels nothing huge or complex but a challenge. The game would need a money value to place the turret onto the game and therefore a money gain function when an enemy died and dependent on the level the higher the money gained. the turrets would have range if i could find a way to show that maybe a hover over radius or click to select tower. obviously a limited amount of levels and lives so the game is both there to win and lose with a reset button on the win/lose screen. the turrets need to fire bullets at the enemies perferably lock on so its not impossible which then means health of the enemies is considered and bullet damaged to that health which will alter with level of enemy. if i have time id like to make different maze levels and possibly more expensive better turrets.

This is my proposal which i intend to follow and try to complete. In the end ill have a tower defense game with the basic fundamentals of a tower defense game in, it wont be a full blown 100 different turret styles different weapon damage game but the focus will be there and it will be a casual game.

Progress to follow…











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RPG Story- Raiding Rome

For my introduction to gaming module i have to design a rpg game, this includes a brief story to what your rpg game will be about. i myself tried to keep my game as acurrate as i possibly could using references to the time periods and goimgs on whilst putting my own twist on what actually happened. i decided to go with a theme i feel im comfortable with and know which is the romans, i also like the idea of proper combat rather than current times of guns so this tailored to my likings as a gamer more. ill try develop it more once i have some peer feedback.

It is 74 BC and the peak of the gladatorial games in Rome. Gladiators and gladiator schools give muscle to Roman politics with much room for business to be made, it is the prime entertainment of the roman people. You are a gladiator formerly a leader of a tribe in the ivory coast captured by Roman troops to be thrown into the world of the warriors perfect death. Spending months under the ownership of a powerful general fighting in small arena’s across the roman empire you reach your peak and travel to rome. The Coliseum awaits, the largest stage and your path to freedom if you win 10 battles of the highest level. in 72BC two years on you are in transit in shackles and caged with a small group of other upcoming gladiators on the borders of Rome. The legion of troops escorting you are ambushed by a group of slave rebellion warriors, you are given arms and told by a masked man to follow their cause. You decided to band your group of destined gladiators and seperate from the rebels but agreed to follow their cause, the man told you they will be training in Mount Vesuvious over the winter then departed. Unknown to you that was Sparatcus one of the most famous gladiators ever and his band of followers rebelling against the romans. As the new found leader of your gladiators you head to Rome to tackle the system from the inside to feed information to the rebels, the road to the Coliseum will be difficult and dangerous but incredible team stealth, tactics and intelligence will get you far. Rome is full of corrupt politicians in the Senate and people who will help you along your way, your task is to break out the rumoured 300 gladiators based inside the Coliseum using multiple disguises to enter important top secret meetings, you will have to remove many people along the way but if it will return you home and abolish the cruelty of captured people forced to fight it wont be a problem. Entering rome in market carts stolen from traders under force the group blends in as a roman citizens for a while getting used to the surroundings. Months of gaining status and gathering information from market stalls to Senate meetings you have raised guards and suspicion of any unusual goings on your only safe area is the house of a previously free’d gladiator who supports your cause. Its now spring the rebels have been training hard also fighting many legions sent to irradicate them, in discussion with Spartacus on papyrus its agreed its time. You attend a gladiator battle as a spectator to witness the ‘thumbs down’ of the emporer aided by barbaric chants of the people to ‘kill kill kill’. You notice the owner of the gladiator on the floor as he is not celebrating and leaves early you follow him to gain his alliance which gets you into the market for buying a gladiator inside the chambers. On speculation of buying gladiators assissted by a guard describing the very best they have to offer you kill the guard handing one gladiator a small knife and the keys whilst desposing of the body. You say to him ‘spread the word the rebellion begins from the inside the last place they expected an army to spring from now to burn the city down and liberate rome, Spatacus has his army heading for the city as we speak’.


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Character Bio- Introduction to Gaming.

For this lesson we was asked to create a believable character as a test for us to see if we could successfully create a character and not have anyone need question about it and if they did you would have the answer.

But before going onto this we looked into characters today in games and how stereotypical they look without you even realising. First off we looked into the “Vin diesel” appearance. This is the look of a muscly, masculine, powerful, strong and generally short-haired man. Plenty of examples mass effect, GTA IV, Desmond, infamous, far cry, splinter cell, dead space etc. all similar looking protagonists.

vin diesel

shepard mass effectinfamousdesmond miles

Then we looked at another type of stereotypical character example the Clint Eastwood approach, uncharted, last of us, heavy rain, tom Clancy, deus ex, red dead redemption etc.

deus ex heavy rain red dead redemption joel last of us

Then we looked at the female side of characters the Lara croft look (sexualised look) , tomb raider, bio shock, harlequin (batman), heavenly sword, tekken, bayonetta, final fantasy (riku 12year old girl in it inappropriate fantasy). The cute perfect face image over sexualised stereotypical idealistic look. They use sex to sell products basically this is the whole debate about feminism and over sexualisation of female game characters..

bioshock harley quinn heavenley sword lara croft tomb raider riku

This then lead on to use being tasked to create a character bio sheet. Had to think of a character in under 5minutes or get given one which would be extremely difficult by Paul. First off I went to the internet to find a character bio sheet which I found on deviant art (here) it was quite a detailed long bio sheet but I thought if im just doing one I may as well go full out.

Character design sheet bio

What role does this character play? (Story based): antagonist

What inspired you to create this character?: Greek mythology is fascinating and creating my own long lost demi-god-titan is appealing.

What does this character represent to you, if anything?: leader, likes to be in power, strong.

What goals do you have for this character?: stereotypical evil antagonist, wants to overthrow Olympus being cast out brother of Zeus son of Cronus wants to kill all gods for destroying the titans and his father.


Full Name: Thabos Kratos Cronus

Pronunciation of their name (first, middle name(s) and last): Tha-bos  Crate-os Cro-nus

Meaning of their full name: Death (tha), fear (bos), power strength (Kratos), Cronus his dad (prophecy one of his children would kill him he swallowed 2 killing them but his wife rhea hid one Zeus but exiled another Thabos as he was the one the prophecy indicated to).

Why did their parents name them this?: the cast out son due to this child matching an oracle’s prophecy of a blue scar through both of his eyes horizontally. Named Thabos after Thanatos (Greek god of death) and Phobos (meaning fear as they feared him). Then Kratos due to his strength and power, then Cronus after the father of all titans his dad.

Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/): Unstated but is a demi-god-titan

Nickname(s): Thabos the merciless

Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?: always makes him smirk slightly as he knows people fear him.

History behind nickname(s): Never spares his prey no matter the connection his path is his only focus. Brings death fear and pain to all around him.

Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot: Thabos son of Cronus, the born scarred child that the prophecy was said to kill his father. Exiled by his mother Rhea behind Cronus back hoping he would eventually return to fulfil the prophecy after he swallowed to of his children in fear of the prophecy but son Zeus was hid rather than exiled.


Sex: Male

Gender identity: Male

Race/species: Greek mythology/ demigod-titan

Ethnicity: Greek

Realm/Universe (Real world, an anime verse, etc.): Olympus/ earth

Share about this realm (What’s considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse): God, in the heavens. Or planet earth

Age: 20

How old they appear: 35 (battle takes its toll)

Mental age: immortal

Orientation/Sexual preference: female

Any history behind their sexual orientation?: No

Why this sexual choice?: Natural

Do they believe its right?: Yes

Are they opposed for their sexual choice?: No

Birth date: 23/03/1995

Birth place: Olympus

Death date: N/A

Death place: N/A

Height: 6”5

Weight: 220lbs

Are they overweight/underweight?: muscular, average.

If so, why?: N/A

Blood type: Blue

Can they bleed?: Only by hand of a god

What colour is their blood?: Blue


Defining physical characteristics/general appearance: scar makes him instantly recognisable.

Eye colour(s): amber/gold with a constant fire style motion in the eye to represent to fire inside. Blue outline tint.

Contacts?: no

If so, why do they have contacts?: N/A

Glasses?: no

Describe their glasses: N/A

Is this eye colour uncommon?: yes one of a kind


General facial structure(high cheekbones, narrow eyes, etc.):

Face shape: defined, well structured.

Describe their eyes: Amber/gold colour with a fire style motion in the eye to represent the fire inside edged in a burning orange when angry and flares up.

Describe their nose: Straight structure, no flaws, average size nostrils, protrusion average.

Describe their lips: masculine, slightly cracked, pale pink natural colour, natural look and position.

Ears(pointed, cat, etc.): rounded

If something about their face is different than the norm of their realm, do they get grief/disapproval for it?: seems perfect in structure, but was born with a blue scar through both eyes like a dagger swipe style. Got cast out from Olympus because of it as he was said to be prophecy of killing his father.

Wrinkles?: No

Eyelashes?: Yes

Describe them: average size, masculine so not long and standing out like female just normal.

Eyebrows?: Yes

Describe them: looks like having a constant frown (anger), pointed tops but bottom is cut off due to birth scar.

Hair colour(s): black but godly white glow shows through

Hair length: Short spikey

Dyed?: No

If so, why is their hair dyed?: N/A

Hair style: Spiked

Why?: doesn’t want to be like the gods with long perfect wavy hair.

Is their hair healthy?: Yes

If not, why can it not be maintained?: N/A

How thick?: Thick

Facial hair?: No

Well kept?: yes no facial hair ever seen as gods perceived to have beards he doesn’t want to be like them he hates them.

Length: none

Styling: N/A

Colour: Black

Body hair?: Yes

Where?: arms, legs, and chest

Well kept?: Yes, very short on arms and legs, chest shaved off.

Colour: Black


Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Muscular

Body shape(Pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc.): masculine muscly figure

Body type(medically speaking): No medical issues in perfect shape.

Posture(slouched, correct, etc.): Correct, proud, powerful.

Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.): scar on face

Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.): no

Does the extremity cripple them or is it helpful?: N/A

Describe how they walk(Fast, slow, weak step, etc.): fast, powerful normally. But can be very stealthy.

Why do they walk this way?: knows his power.

Do they limp?: no


Skin/fur colour(s): white tanned

Complexion: white tanned

Patterns/designs(on skin/fur and where they are, such as a zebra stripe pattern): N/A

Scars: face through both eyes coloured blue

How did they get these scars?: birth scar

Birthmarks): read above

Tattoos: a shattered lightning bolt down his wrist veins

Reasons behind tattoos: symbolises his desire to defeat his brother Zeus

Piercings: no

Reasons behind piercings: N/A

Additional body mods(scarification, sub-dermal implants, etc.):  chest body muscles are not that of a human still basic shape but the muscles are divided diagonally only gods have this.


Right/left handed(or ambidextrous perhaps?): both

Big hands/small hands/something else?: big

Long fingered/short fingered hands?:long

Are their nails taken care of(Decently)?: decent

If not, why?: N/A


Describe their smile: smirk, never full smile, just an evil wry smile stating satisfied but never happy.

What kind of teeth do they have?(Vampiric, all fangy, etc.): normal

Do they take care of their teeth?: no

Why/why not?:  god no need

Dental condition: good


Describe their voice(What range is it for one thing? Alto, tenor, bass, etc.?): deep, well pronounced, audible.

Speech mannerisms(Do they pause a lot, a stutter?: well spoken


Describe an outfit they would wear:

Why do they have this clothing preference?: warrior attire, gods tend to wear robes so he does have a samurai style look to him but with some warrior extras like an equipment belt.



Mental state: Troubled

Mental disorder/ailment(s)(If any): None

If they have a mentally threatening disorder, what caused it to arise?: None

Mental stability: un stable, has visions and flashbacks of Olympus and his mother casting him out, he also sees his father in his dreams dying at the hand of Zeus calling Thabos’s name to avenge him to the confusion of Zeus.

How does this ailment affect their day to day life?: troubles every day only wants power and revenge

Why do they have this degree of mental stability?: past, being cast out due to a prophecy which was inaccurate the scared one was not the killer of Cronus it was the other surviving child Zeus. Wants revenge and power to throne.

Mental has to do with neurological issues, good mental health is very important. Mental issues can effect emotions, and emotional stability, though they are not the same thing.

Emotional stability: unstable

Emotional disorder/ailment(s): N/A

Why do they have such/lack emotional stability?: due to past.

Has their upbringing had an effect on their emotions?: it’s the sole reason

Why or why not?: prophecy


The age chart for emotional and mental things here is based on a human lifespan.

Describe or share about their mental and emotional state during…

early childhood(3 – 5): lost confused adopted by a blacksmith and his wife in rural town.

childhood(6 – 9): felt he was better than all the kids at everything knew he was special.

adolescence/tween(10 – 12): started getting dreams about the god’s battles and father dying but didn’t know what for, nightmares. Bullying for his facial scar from kids resulted into anger burning up.

adolescence/teen(13 – 16): dreams getting clearer and clearer message from dying Cronin his actual dad stating his name but rest faded out. Getting into a lot of trouble at school in fights and breaking stuff with evident superior strength.

teen continued(16 – 18): first dream at 16 of mother casting him out of Olympus, 18 he gets the full scene of his father’s death asking him to avenge him as he was mistaken that he wasn’t the offspring who would kill him. Fire inside enrages and he sets on rage path to Olympus.

young adulthood(19 – 25): every night visited by same dream which makes him wake up and continue his path, has killed many people by this time in battles who are in his path. Reaches Olympus using god only knowledge to try overthrow his lost brother one way or another.


Personality snapshot: troubled, antisocial, angry.

Most prominent personality trait: anger

Best traits of their personality: None spares nobody in his path

Worst traits of their personality: All of them pure evil rage path.


What caused this kind of personality to form?(based upon upbringing/social whatnot): past

Would you say their personality was influenced by their caretakers/guardians?: adopted parents tried best but rage of a god is uncontrollable especially when he has visits in his dreams

If so, who influenced their personality the most and how?: Rhea (mum) for casting out and Cronus (dad) for not seeing Rheas true nature hiding Zeus and Thabos. Zeus (brother) who killed his father to overthrow the titans and become the main god whilst Thabos lived amongst the humans.

If not, what was the greatest influence?: best influence on him was adopted father had a close bond and taught him many life lessons also gave him a family generation ancient sword on his departure for Olympus.

Do they like their personality?: no want to rule rightfully in Olympus the personality is the only way to make that possible would rather it all never happened and didn’t know.


Do they have a healthy self-image(How they view themselves)?: Likes the power but wanted to be a normal human child and was happy with it until the realisation of the prophecy and his dreams explaining his life. That unleashed the fire inside.

If not, why?: n/a

If so, what gives them the drive to maintain it?: to kill Zeus

First impression usually given: not one to mess with

Are they logical thinkers(if they have a mentally crippling disease, this is null)?: very intelligent and quick thinking.


Current faith(religion): Gods

If they do have one, why?: he knows they exist as he is one so is all his real family.

If they don’t have one, why?: n/a

Are they strong in it?: knows truth

Do they actively practice it?: no

Why did they choose this faith?: one of them

If they didn’t choose it, were they forced into it?: yes birth

Do they know?: yes knows all.

Zodiac: Aries

Do they follow a horoscope/related things?: Aries represents fire, leaders of the pack, not afraid to be in the mix, power.


Outlook on life: pain

General attitude: blunt

What caused this attitude?: past

Have they ever questioned their outlook on life?: questioned why human upbringing to find out not human and on path to kill his brother a god.


Alignment(Good/evil/bystander/etc.): evil

Why they chose this path: revenge

Do they know the outcome of this choice?: death for themselves or all

Do they believe this is right?: yes

If they don’t believe it’s correct, why do they stay on it?: n/a


Personal quote and(or) motto: I don’t fear death…I am death

Reasons behind this motto/quote: battle warrior, kills all who stand in path, mind is set on killing.


Emotional trauma(if any, and why): nightmares of Olympus

How do they respond when the trauma issue is talked about/touched on?: anger/rage cursing the sky.

Does this trauma affect their day to day life?: yes

Why, or why not?: mass destruction

What made the situation traumatic to them?: lived a lie to piece together his true self in nightmares.

Would you say that they effect the environment around them, or that their environment around them affects them more?: they effect environment around them, destruction, merciless, can never be loved as he signifies suffering.


Morals(and what they are): None

What defines right and wrong for them?: only right is to overthrow Zeus rest is just meaningless to him

Do they hold these morals for religious reasons?: sort of

Do they hold their definitions of right and wrong above other people: yes definitely


Earliest memory: came in form of a nightmare mum casting him out of Olympus

Is this memory important to them?: extremely his life journey now revolves around it

Do they wish to forget it?: wish they never knew and could lead a normal life but that’s not possible until he believes justice is served.

Are they glad they remember it?: No


How do they respond and/or react in times of…(and why they do what they do)

Happiness: smirk, never show true emotions sees it as weakness

Excitement: eyes flare up (excited by battle)

Surprise: instinct to attack so angry and flared up

Grief: None

Pain: unusual feeling as he can only be harmed by a god

Fear: he is fear so doesn’t fear

Not knowing the outcome of some situation: calm and confident



Current dream in life: rule Olympus

Why is this their dream?: nightmares

Long term goals: rule for life and have a son who is a god

Why?: wants to have everything what Zeus has

Short term goals: kill

Why?: anger suffering bringer of death


Backstory: son of a titan cast out due to a scarred baby prophecy who kills his father, lives normal life with humans troubled by nightmares which are the same very night just growing in length and clarity. Once he knows the truth path for revenge of his father is his only aim and won’t stop until it’s complete.

Family background & Family tree: the gods. Cronus father, rheu mother, brother zeus. Gods etc.

Describe their upbringing: well taken care of by adopted parents but life was a lie.

Did they enjoy their upbringing?: loved adopted parent still consider them as real parents but had to leave to avenge his father.

How much does their upbringing affect them in day to day life now?: try’s to go by adopted fathers life lessons and morals but the pain overthrows it most of the time, but the life is a lie question he goes over and over fuels the destruction he wants to bring.

What did/do they most enjoy about their childhood?: Not knowing the truth

What did/do they most resent about their childhood?: discovering the nightmares are real and very true. Also bullying/trouble issues in childhood due to his facial scar.


Up close and personal

Biggest fears: None doesn’t even fear death.

How often does this fear take a toll on them?: n/a

Biggest hope: rule Olympus

Do they depend on this hope?: yes it’s that or die trying

Biggest dream/passion: kill Zeus avenge father and take the throne

Biggest regrets: uncovering the truth

Does this affect their day to day life?: yes nightmares haunt him daily the same ones over and over.

Largest weaknesses: his nightmares or sleep. His human family.

Are they ashamed at all of their weaknesses?: knows its mentally affecting him and tries to over compensate to prove he has no weakness.

Largest strengths: power strength


What are their…

Likes: leading or winning.

Dislikes: brother or losing.

Loves: adopted parents.

Hates: Zeus and mother.

Passions: combat

Reasons to keep going in life: to avenge father.


What makes them tick(think the way they do)?: god instincts

Abilities(As in powers): strength, combat, focus, speed, power and stealth.

Rate their power on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being most powerful in all the universe they’re in: 10 on par with Zeus

Are these powers inherited generation to generation?: Yes

Why/why not?: How the Gods work the powers are passed down.

Special skills(Not meaning powers): blacksmithing, crafting, pyrotechnics.

Hobbies:  combat

How do they spend their free time?: training, gaining strength.

What about their non-free time?: path to Olympus .

Social skills(Not everyone is a social butterfly or an antisocial individual): only speaks during combat or to announce himself. Otherwise if he chooses to he just goes unnoticed.


What’s their favourite time of day?: Day

Why?: Night brings on his nightmares which he feels are his weakness.

Does this time have anything to do with their upbringing?: yes

Least favourite time of day: night

Why?: nightmares


Favourite food?: noodles/ stir fry

Why is this their favourite food?:  adopted mum cooked them all the time with her secret wok recipe.

Least favourite food: ice cream

Why is this their least favourite food?: hates being cold

Can they cook?: Never tried


What is their favourite colour?: blue

Does this colour have something to do with their personality?: no opposite blue is calm and peaceful, everything about him is red, dangerous, violent, blood etc.

Why is this their favourite colour?: see it every day in his scar reminds him of who he is. And the colour blue signifies that he knows he can be good and calm but until he has his revenge his eyes will always be fire.

Least favourite colour: white

Why is this their least favourite colour?: Zeus is white he signifies wisdom, royalty, purity and peace.


Favourite animal: dog

Why?: grew up with one

Least favourite animal: cat

Why?: clawed his dog so he killed it


First language: English

Second language: Greek

Third?: all

Was there an urgent need to learn additional languages?: no he knows all languages

Pet(s): none at the moment

Why?: left pet behind with adopted family.


Props/ attire: wears warrior attire, gods tend to wear robes so he does have a samurai style look to him but with some warrior extras like an equipment belt and sword holster. Colour scheme of red orange black with a blue outline to signify the fire and death etc. that he is but has the blue to match his scar to show there is hope.

Weapon?: Main weapon is the sword his adopted father gave to him as he left it was a family sword passed down many generations and is very well structured in both appearance and durability. It is name Cronus by Thabos to suggest his father will be the one doing the revenge. Sword does flame blue when Thabos is really fired up which matches his scar and inner power although he portrays himself as red and fire etc.

Shield?: no

Secondary weapon (dagger, throwing knife, javelin, rope, chain, mace etc.): no

Armour?: Samurai style robes with one shoulder armour pad, no gauntlets, and boots like sandals of a gladiator (Greek).

Magic?: only the ability to make his weapon flame blue and his godly powers.

Why this choice of attire?: doesn’t need much protection due to his power, speed is the key so the lighter he is the better (shoulder pad removed from time to time), shoulder pad used for stability and reinforcement when resistance is needed, sword given to him has attachment to it.

Yes! a long read but hope I have covered it all for my character. I intend to do a few more different styled characters etc. in shorter form to show I can create characters. I really enjoyed doing this it really made me think I had to go into back stories of Greek mythology to make it contextual with the prophecy which I twisted, also his name which is a Greek mash up. I might also do a quick sketch to add to this post to give a visual aid to the character I have described.

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Introduction to gaming- HUD/GUI Design

HUD/GUI brief.

  1. Divide class into small groups (this can be done by drawing cards or rolling dice etc – you can use all choice based decisions done in this way to reinforce the concept of Chance/Alea mechanics in games design)
  2. Get them as a group to draw three slips from the lists above (again reinforcing that they can make their own* lists at a later date), and quickly develop their game concept and give it a name which they have to then pitch to the rest of the class (15-30mins should be enough).
  3. Following this Pitch they should then work on the development of a HUD/GUI that deals with the various aspects of their concept and is in keeping in terms of Design/Graphic Style and Design for the User.
  4. The students in groups then show their finished project (the following week) to the rest of the class for feedback.” Gareth Sleightholme’s brief on his blog.dice-choices

The idea was for each of us to roll a dice to reveal a number which corresponded with the list of numbers options.

I had to have Paul roll for me due to my situation with Skyping into lessons and this is the outcome i got. I’m designing a 3D side scroller for a 3D pixel game. It will be set in a interior/man made vehicle within a flight deck/ docking bay. It will be styled around a steampunk genre and will include dinosaurs.

Immediately I thought well what do i do with this and how do i go about it. Paul laughed as soon as he rolled dinosaurs for me as it was the worst of the bunch in the last column to implement into a game nevermind a hud.

First thing first i had to research what i was getting into which was steampunk, i had a brief understanding of the theme but a bit of extra research wouldnt do any harm for ideas.


  So these are some of the examples that i have gathered from google images ( and of steampunk and its general theme. As you can see the idea is that of mechanisms involving cog and screws, a very industrial look to it mechanical throughout everything with of course some steam. With all this in mind i already knew with my given selection what i would go about doing in the way of a HUD just still struggling in the way of dinosaurs…

To begin i knew from previous experience that i must undertake a form of design process before jumping into the full thing. So what do i have to consider in a design process? well for my style of hud i gathered a few different examples of what i should be considering.

turok hud

ideawow hud

These examples (image 1 turok, image 2 hud explained, image 3 wow)

So the image of turok and its HUD is purely to encorporate dinosaurs into my HUD if i look at this game turok which is all about dinosaur hunting the basic ammo + health + lives hud is something i can conisder.

The 2nd image is purely so that you can understand what a HUD is and what it might encorporate. I will be using this as a guideline for a design process to do some individual designs for HUD parts e.g. health bar or mini map.

The 3rd image is of World of Warcraft to give you an example of a more complicated HUD and show i have considered variety in my research.

I then moved onto my own design process, now i have researched my topic background i can successfully start planning and designing elements of my HUD.

HUD Designs

Heres just a few quick sketches of multple different designs i started with general full screen basic HUD designs, my personal favourite was the middle right as it encorporated the steampunk design brilliantly i decided id pursue this further throughout but the middle left i liked the idea of a small mini map so i would want to redesign and combine.

Moving on i thought i should seperate some specifics from the general main design so i started on a Health Bar, i took many different angles on this from games like mmorpgs with the basic red/green tube which depletes, to more of a street fighter style with the 2 conjoined health bars with a circle in the middle for a feature (usually time). i also tried to go slightly out of the box with seperated blocks which deplete, different angles for health bars and then pursuing the steampunk theme of rotation mechanisms which spin when lose and gain health.

With health bars tackled i wanted to do another feature of a HUD id need for my version which would be a weapon selection, i did this is varied ways with a different method for each time to try range it a bit more. There was the basic weapon wheel (my choice) to simple slide selections, a hold down button to pause game to select and change weapon option (bit like in ratchet and clank) and then more variations of the slide selections. i did like the design of number 3 as it would suggest the slected weapon as bigger and then the rest of them are smaller but visable maybe red as they are out of ammo etc. but i prefered the simple design of the 1st design the weapon wheel which you rotate to choose a weapon.

Then i addressed level up methods, many games go for the traditional bar and the closer the bar is to the end the closer you are to the next level e.g. pokemon so i did this and then explored other ideas. my favourite was the large number with the number close by with a 3d perspective so the number gets closer and bigger the nearer you are to the next level by rotation as your current level fades away. But simple arrows and lines etc just didnt cut it for my with my design so i tried my best to try be innovative.

This concluded my design process i was pleased with my multiple designs as it showed i had consider many methods before jumping into the final piece therefore giving me an upper hand on my overall insight into the design of the HUD.

HUD Steampunk 3d

And here is my final HUD i designed. As you can see i added a few annotations to the work to explain in detail what the HUD’s features and so just incase you wasnt sure ill go over them.

The whole HUD system is linked in a steampunk style cog mechanism system, so during and after fights etc cogs will rotate effecting both level and health also attributes depending on how it goes this would be accompanied with extra animation of occasional steam gushes when for example you level up to symbolise excitement. The level up is located in the top right and i did follow the 3d near/far level perception i has thought of for this design as i felt it fit well with the spinning cogs. The weapon wheel i chose is located bottom left with simple arrow key selection on your controller for example to rotate them and change equipment. I added a small controls bar at the bottom just for a usability feature just incase controls are confusing for first started the basics (none combos etc) are just there for reference. The health bar was a redesigned version of the basic health bar with an outline of a chain which i used to outline throughout for the steampunk mechanism, also an additional health bar to the side of the enemy is given in basic form (dinosaur involvement refernce to turok). Then the bottom right was a mini map and some attributes to show progress and character strength in level all powered by steampunk and cogs. Another feature i put in as an interactive HUD example was the action buttons i drew the steampunk character adaptation on my own with the expression like he is about to punch you which alarms for you to hit an action button to counter his attack (im a fan of these in games e.g. assassins creed iv or dead space).

Overall i was extremely impressed with my work and felt i did a well tailors and designed HUD in a steampunk theme especially.

My personal favourite feature is the idea of the animated HUD the cogs turn with chains and steam when you level up or lose health etc, i thought that was a strong innovative concept i came up with as im unaware of any games like that in especially steampunk design.

Things i could have improved on would be maybe to condense it a little the right hand side with the attributes i think if i had designed and thought it through a little bit more it could have been more compact e.g. just atk, def, tec, int and then click or press options to view statistics so its not interfearing with gameplay.

Other than that very pleased, i would now like to take this into photoshop to test my HUD design further with a more complete “game ready” shiny finish to it. Any comments or ideas for improvements on the matter would be much appreciated as its just a design nothing final.