Jason Pook's Games Design Blog

About Me

My name is Jason Pook, i am a student at Hull School of Art and Design doing a Games Design (BA). This is my personal blog for my 3years on the course which i will use regulary to update and show progress of my work and modules. I am a person who has a passion for games and want to pursue into the industry and design my own games. Currently my specialty area is in 3D modelling in particular automotive modelling is a passion of mine which im hoping to pursue into industry . My aim is to bring the games design industry to the Hull area due to that there is currently a lack of it with closest being the likes of Rockstar in Sheffield. This is why i chose PHASEgaming as a name, the idea came to me when i realised everyone goes through a phase in life of certain things so i want to produce gaming to be a part of peoples game phase, hence the slogan of “Get In The Game Phase” which intends my goal of getting people into the gaming phase. My logo design is a electric dragon breathing electricity which zaps into PHASE GAMING in electric form. Thank you for reading my blog please feel free to subscribe/like/follow me. My facebook page is PHASEgaming.

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