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Client Project- Session 12

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With the semester coming to a close we really needed to enforce what had to be done while we are away over Christmas, Assets had already been given out as a start but today Paul asked us to present to him where we are at in the project and where we are going with it.

Luckily myself and Phil had already done a video on this exact topic last thursday as a update design process video for the public to see on facebook or youtube. In this video we quickly review the previous video which was around 2 months previous making this video well overdue. Nevertheless a in depth explaination of our work would hopefully get everyone else up to speed with where we are and where we want to be in the near future.

Apologies once again for videoing on my mobile as we forgot to pick up some screencapture software then adding audio. Despite that we covered buildings, textures, modular road system, interactivity, life, vehicles, blueprints, assets, controller usability and then our next steps.

Despite having this we did not use it to present to Paul as its poor presenting if we just sit there with a video running, due to our contributions in the project we asked the rest of the group to take the speech towards Paul make sure they was all up to speed with the project then we fill the gaps if anything was missed. After all this was done Paul evidently told us what we knew that we wasnt as far as we should be, and reinforced the deadline that we had already set for buildings that people have to be modelled, textured and handed in. Hopefully with the tutors backing people will listen and stick to this deadline as most been set so far havent been met by all.

With all the being said everyone began tackling on with work for the final push on our last week, people who had been absent came and retrieved assets that was left. Myself I watched a few more tutorials on uv unwrapping and texturing as despite being confident in that area i wanted to push on to add to my knowledge for a better end product on my work.

Following these tutorials I learnt a few new tricks of the trade like using a checker pattern with numbers and letters on whilst unwrapping so that you can see distortion but also you can identify uv’s that are the wrong way or flipped far easier than the preset blank checker pattern. Other useful tools was the align vertexes in vertical or horizontal so that if you was to overlap UV’s you could make sure they was perfectly matched using these quick tools rather than playing with snapping and scale for too long.


Heres a quick image of what i meant, so my van is built in 1 half then symmetry modifiered to create the other half for perfect proportions and also saving alot of time. This means that the uvs of both side panels will be the same so by unwrapping them both individually using planar map in the Y axis fitted and centred i could copy them UV’s, select the other side and paste the UV’s to give it the exact shape, but just to be sure you can use them buttons to align all the vertexes. Thats just an example another would be my pounland building with the pillars i did this process for them.

Now its the holidays and im going to do a seperate blog post on our use of communication that we need over not just the christmas period but the project for professionalism using methods such as facebook groups, fleep, basecamp (our provided and assessed way) etc.



Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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