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Client Project- Building Fixes

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Last session we did a group critique so that we could find flaws in our models and use our feedback from the group to build on for a better end product. My main feedback was just that the back facure behind the pillars on my Marks and Spencer building was too far back which was easily fixed. Its only when the buildings i did was put into engine i came up with a major issue, they were was too small.

Now i thought id done it all to a tee all to scale 26.6m across for m&s etc, all seemed confusing to why it was like this, turned out that my 3dsmax was set in metric metres instead of generic units and seen as ue4 runs in generic units on a 1:1 scale it needed to be in units. Once converting my units over in the units setup i rescaled and snapped my building. As you can see in these images above the huge difference in 3dsmax when i did a box to the measurements on my building, simple error and simple solution. On my behalf i didnt realise this until in engine and have no got my units setup to be generic units so this issues shouldnt arise again, for self critique and a lesson learnt though this was a good stumble as i now know despite being in metres the measurements we took the engine interprets metric metres differently to units so it will be alot smaller than you actually think.

engine Here m&s and crawshaws are fixed in engine now to scale and well underway from that quick solution. Onwards to adding to the building now its in the grey block and in correctly.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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