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Client Project session 4


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For this weeks Client project first off we decided to go round the group and see how everyone was getting on with work and research.

As far as myself. I went out with phil and took pictures of the blocking points from side to side for viewpoints, also we gathered better angles for concept artists to make images from. Ive been upping my skills in car modelling all week in various ways not specifically in this project but mustang gt500 is well underway. Looked into baking and lightmapping. Modular building. Bought graphics tab and started to up photoshop skills as im on concept team for now. Myself dave and phil began grey boxing of the level in unreal 4. also the map on the wall I added images with phil. Delved into more generic cars for the 60s like the zefyr for family cars more realistic research. Helped wolfie come up with some ideas for realistic blocking of the roads. I have collected blueprints for all the cars i intend to model by myself or with another student, these will be used as reference images on planes inside 3dsmax so the model will be more accurate.

With the introduction to programs Unreal Engine 4 and MakeHuman we now had more on our plate to learn and tackle as fast as possible for better outcomes, i decided alongside Phil and Dave to block out the level. We came across many issues with this using our reference map, first off we used the map for everything rough scale and size. This wasnt going to work as it was innaccurate. Because of this we went out and measured the roads width and length. This gave us accurate measurements assuring our game was correct. A reason why this needed to be done was that the field of view from the character gave us the impression that the road was way too small in width, we couldnt figure out why this was until Paul explained its the engine. So then we knew as long as we had the measurements despite what it appeared to be in the engine it was correct as long as we used the units correctly. The blocking out is well underway phil has begun doing the buildings in width and height so the level is filling out. The height has been determined by google maps street view using the average height of a door, so these maybe innaccurate but they are close as we cannot physically climb and measure the building.

Work rate is going to have to step up from everyone though as we intend to distribute buildings out to people in the next session to make sure people are cracking on with work. Sooner they model the quicker we can potentially identify any snapping issues or problems with the model etc.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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