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Client Project- Session 1/2


Year 2 of my Games Design BA course has begun. And as a part of this year we have a client brief delivered to us by our tutors, we have been discussing this as a group over the last year due to having seen the work the year ahead of us had done for their client project (see here paragon past). As you can imagine excitment was reaching its peak when we was told we was getting the brief first day back.

The session started off by showing us a clip from austin powers

this wasnt the exact clip but it was to reveal to us the era that was the 1960s. Now knowing that we was told we are doing hull in the 1960s in the area of Whitefriargate, silver street, land of green ginger, parliment street and anything in view from these areas. To do this we would need extensive research on the area in the time period and time before as features of past would be there, for example the bank on whitefriargate i believe was built in 1842.

We as a group decided on the year of 1966 to pin a year down mainly, but we could choose to encorporate the england winning world cup, which would give our level that extra touch. In relation to this my personal interest is in cars and especially cars of that period owning a classic mini myself. So i took it upon myself to suggest i do the cars of the time period and before as old cars would still be on the road. To end that weeks session we suggested everyone search internet, books, archives and records of the area as close to the time period as they can.

The following week the group was all given a camera each in a team of 2 to go out and take photographs of the surrounding areas and each building they passed. This included rooftops (for scale), details of the buildings (like statues or engravings), if accurate enough textures of the buildings (as we decided on photorealistic textures in game) and views from the roads delgegated to them so from whitefriargate you can see city hall etc.

Upon returning to the class everyone handed in there photos to be put into a research folder. On reviewing these photos myself and Phil Maclennan noticed in game that we will need the inclusion of blocking walls, which will prevent the player on leaving the area we plotted these out and took view photos from that exact range so we only have to model the nessacery viewpoint. Also alleyways had not been covered and needed to be so we gathered photographs of them areas, but whilst we was doing that we asked Ye old white harte for permission of photographs in the beer garden on behalf of hull school of art and design. Soon as we got talking to the man running the pub that day he was interested in the project and excited to know more, upon which we suggested modelling the interior of Ye Old White Harte due to him explaining the pub is unchanged much since the 1500s despite a fire in the 1800s which you can see the damage to some of the wood. This was perfect for us as we have accurate photos of the period and a interior challenge to do. But it got better he was explaining about renovating the upstairs in the theme of the pub and questioned us if we do that sort of thing like level plans, so not only did we find an interior we have a possible client for concept art and level design for renovation of the pub which will benefit both parties which an addition of a event to showcase our work at the end of the year. Me and Phil was super excited about this and so was the rest of the group when we relayed the good news, this is still not finalised as we need to speak with the landlord but we are hoping it is successful when we meet the landlord.

A group of people have visited Hull history centre already to explore the archives, finding a family history event is held once a month to discuss old times which we thought would be useful sending maybe 2 people to ask questions as the people of hull could be our best resource.

Witht hat being said the priority is still the main street area and we cannot get carried away on one bit being the pub or we wont have a level and it wont fit the brief. But to excel ourselves as a group it adds that extra push for a great end result.

More to follow soon.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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