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Summer- Self initiated mini brief


To keep myself going over the summer I have been working on several mini projects and even some designing of games with other colleagues.


To design a Realistic Car/Automobile/Vehicle or representation of a vehicle (toy, remote control, model) of your choosing (Car, Motorbike, Helicopter, Tank, Remote Control etc.)

  • Pt1. Find or Research your chosen vehicle for use of reference when modelling (Your car/ images/ sketches/ owned item etc.)
  • Pt2. Once comfortable with chosen vehicle (it has to be real, no transformers allowed!) plot yourself out a design process to tackle in 3d modelling.

-for example: if you do a car, the car will need a frame to be build onto, then wheels, a shell, optional interior depending on how far you want to take it.

  • Pt3: Model your vehicle, the idea is to have it looking as realistic as possible so there will be no polycount limit.

-Try experiment with modifiers dependent on what your trying to do…its all about expanding your 3dsmax skill set.

-Tip: When modelling use groups and name each part you are making then you wont struggle later on with box1011 instead it can be SuspensionBolt etc.

  • Pt4: Texture It, Unwrap your model and texture it to look as similar to your reference images as you can. (This is where if you have gone crazy and your topology is messy you might struggle).

Done! set your scene and evaluate your results, its ok if its not exact its all about practice and you can use it to build from.

I will post my results in separate posts.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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