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Year 1 Reflection

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This post will be an overall reflection on Year 1 Games Design and how i feel i did well and where i could improve in places.

This year for everyone was seen as a toolbox year, a year to build our skills in the programs that we would eventually be using in the next years and industry. Programs that in most cases for myself was completely alien, the likes of 3dsmax i had never come across before but it was the program i felt i would need to advance in the most. The beginning of the year i dont think most of us had any idea on what we would like to do in the profession due to unexperienced views on the work and generally being gamers rather than games designers.

Personally i felt that progress along the year was huge, i couldnt draw very well to begin with now i am at terms with perspectives and improving in the field of life drawing. This was much thanks to the creative futures module, my adaptation brief i believe was my strongest in terms of creativity on my behalf and it really made me figure myself a design process out for how i would go about conquering my work. Other things i felt i improved on was definately the 3D aspect of work, first i struggled to grasp the concept of modifiers, texturing and modelling in general but with practice i can now model low poly models as long as i sit and think about how to go about the topology of it. If i was to be critical of myself i would definately say i could have done alot more to improve my work, due to certain circumstances in my family and friends i struggled coping with towards the end of the year and this did see a drop in my productivity.

Determination will be a key factor for next year and i intend on focusing purely on my work but allowing myself social time aswell but not if it will jeopodise my work rate. This year things i wasnt so pleased with was my use of flash, yes i got a working timeline, game and animation but i was never confident in the program it was used because we had to i felt and thats not how i should have looked at it. When i nfelt that way what i should have done was asked for maybe some extra tuition on the area or taken time at home to really get a grasp of the program, so this is reflection on that.

The main thing for the future is to keep on top of work dont be that guy who says “oh ill do it next week…its not in for another 4 weeks” get it out of the way and sorted so that im always 1 step ahead of the game. Currently im unaware on my marks but im hoping that i have done well asd i really want this to work for me.

Over the summer me and a few colleagues have planned to do a small group project that we have been discussing throughout the year and really keep on top of what we want to do for a profession, you cant just sit back over the summer and relax otherwise it will hit you like a ton of bricks when the work starts to come thick and fast again. Alongside some self initiated projects id like to set myself to focus improving my skills and looking into 2nd years blogs to see what we will be going into and focusing on getting a head start on that.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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