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Speed Drawing session

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In this lesson lead by our tutor Paul we all played a game he had made himself with involves a randomly generated task of drawing the described item on the screen in the allotted time followed by another, each had a specific time limit so therefore the longer you had the more difficult the drawing was. Examples would be draw a sphere and a cone in 5seconds, or harder would be draw a weapons crate in 30seconds. As i said these were randomly generated and we had to draw as quick as we could as accurately as possible to test our skills. The purpose of the task was to get us to not think so much about the detail final product of a drawing and to just get the quick basics or rough versions down as quickly as possible from memory, being something i did struggle with i thought this would be a very effective task on improving my personal skills in memory drawing im good when its in front of me but memory is not as good. As well as drawing from memory we had to draw in pen so there was no temptation to erase any work, as we are told erasing work is erasing progress as there is no right or wrong drawing its all progress.

Here is my results:

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To start with we had 15seconds to draw basic primitive shapes such as a Taurus, cube, sphere etc. As we moved along it got harder like a bike or a shed in perspective with the same time slot really pushing the basic forms of shapes to portray the image. It moved up to 30seconds giving us drawings like messy bunk beds, weapons crate or a camera taking a picture of another object the extended time slot gave us more time to detail but the focus was to get the prime object across then to add detail roughly not a hard line finished copy just a sketch. Finally 45seconds was given for examples on page 3 like a skip full of doors, a dinosaur drinking tea or a open fridge full of food.

This was the first time around and i really found it useful everyone really enjoyed drawing. So will Paul fine tuning the app and uploading the beta to his website i decided to have another 2 goes using the settings supplied to at 30minutes a piece.

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This was try 2 with was on random times with random difficulties.

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Then third time around which was set to all 30seconds hard difficulty to really test how much better i might have got. Some drawings i did i was really surprised at what i came out with, especially the flying car which looked like a inspector gadget classic mini. Overall this process was extremely useful to my personal skills as i improved my basic primitives, to get it down first then add detail, drawing in bed made me realise mistakes are good as they show progress, and then overall drawing from memory was better towards the end.

If you would like to take this task to test your drawing skills go to the app on my tutors website here.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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