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Identity- Design Part 3


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As explained in the last part of this project i was moving onto the design process of a logo for both black rose and rusty tank being undecided on which to choose. Using different typography, style, and size to try fine tune what i want my ident to look like.

Here is what i got for Black Rose:

Black RoseThese are some of the designs that i came up with as you can see i followed the path of an elegant look to the black rose to complement the beauty of a real rose. My favourites were the bottom left with the inverted text font and rose stencil and then the two in the top left with the elegant flow to the font, I particularly liked the rose joined onto the end so i tried to implement that in other designs.

Moving onto Rusty Tank:

Scan 36These designs i was really pleased with the army stencil path focus was particularly a favourite of me and my peers, i tried to implement army military related themes to the ident with the actual rusty tank drawing but specially the army star for the letter A which was a nice feature.

After this i took both into Photoshop to have a digital version of them so i would be able to import into adobe after effects when eventually making the ident.

ident photoshop




Here is my black rose final ident digitally, i am pleased with it as it has met my original objectives of being elegant and representing a roses beauty with various features from different ident designs.

rusty tank ident photoshop




This was my rusty tank ident, it came out exactly how i wanted implemented stencil font with the army star for the A but with a rusted eroded edge effect added to it around the edge, i then also added a filter->noise->dust & speckles to add extra speckles to the font to enhance the dirty rusty image. Deciding im going to go down the route of Rusty tank I wanted to develop further on the logo so i placed a rusted metal texture into Photoshop put it over the top of the ident turned down the opacity to show the rust texture over the top then used the background eraser and magic wand to remove the rust texture everywhere but the text. this was the result:

rusty tank ident photoshop added rust










I also added a branded style box around the font to try implicate that this ident might be indented or embossed onto a vehicle, then rotated it to a slight angle and added a painted shadow to the left of the font. This was my final ident for rusty tank, now to storyboard the ident before i put it into after effects.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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