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RPG Story- Raiding Rome

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For my introduction to gaming module i have to design a rpg game, this includes a brief story to what your rpg game will be about. i myself tried to keep my game as acurrate as i possibly could using references to the time periods and goimgs on whilst putting my own twist on what actually happened. i decided to go with a theme i feel im comfortable with and know which is the romans, i also like the idea of proper combat rather than current times of guns so this tailored to my likings as a gamer more. ill try develop it more once i have some peer feedback.

It is 74 BC and the peak of the gladatorial games in Rome. Gladiators and gladiator schools give muscle to Roman politics with much room for business to be made, it is the prime entertainment of the roman people. You are a gladiator formerly a leader of a tribe in the ivory coast captured by Roman troops to be thrown into the world of the warriors perfect death. Spending months under the ownership of a powerful general fighting in small arena’s across the roman empire you reach your peak and travel to rome. The Coliseum awaits, the largest stage and your path to freedom if you win 10 battles of the highest level. in 72BC two years on you are in transit in shackles and caged with a small group of other upcoming gladiators on the borders of Rome. The legion of troops escorting you are ambushed by a group of slave rebellion warriors, you are given arms and told by a masked man to follow their cause. You decided to band your group of destined gladiators and seperate from the rebels but agreed to follow their cause, the man told you they will be training in Mount Vesuvious over the winter then departed. Unknown to you that was Sparatcus one of the most famous gladiators ever and his band of followers rebelling against the romans. As the new found leader of your gladiators you head to Rome to tackle the system from the inside to feed information to the rebels, the road to the Coliseum will be difficult and dangerous but incredible team stealth, tactics and intelligence will get you far. Rome is full of corrupt politicians in the Senate and people who will help you along your way, your task is to break out the rumoured 300 gladiators based inside the Coliseum using multiple disguises to enter important top secret meetings, you will have to remove many people along the way but if it will return you home and abolish the cruelty of captured people forced to fight it wont be a problem. Entering rome in market carts stolen from traders under force the group blends in as a roman citizens for a while getting used to the surroundings. Months of gaining status and gathering information from market stalls to Senate meetings you have raised guards and suspicion of any unusual goings on your only safe area is the house of a previously free’d gladiator who supports your cause. Its now spring the rebels have been training hard also fighting many legions sent to irradicate them, in discussion with Spartacus on papyrus its agreed its time. You attend a gladiator battle as a spectator to witness the ‘thumbs down’ of the emporer aided by barbaric chants of the people to ‘kill kill kill’. You notice the owner of the gladiator on the floor as he is not celebrating and leaves early you follow him to gain his alliance which gets you into the market for buying a gladiator inside the chambers. On speculation of buying gladiators assissted by a guard describing the very best they have to offer you kill the guard handing one gladiator a small knife and the keys whilst desposing of the body. You say to him ‘spread the word the rebellion begins from the inside the last place they expected an army to spring from now to burn the city down and liberate rome, Spatacus has his army heading for the city as we speak’.


Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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