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The Street- Research

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For the research we was asked to look at other practicioners that had worked on “streets” and find examples that we liked and if possible examples of this is both day and night environments.

Naturally i went straight into research and tried to find environment artists that had done some sort of street concept or design along the way the more i found the better for depth in research. The first person i came across was a 3d environment artist called Alex Galuzin, whilst not working on many shipped games only left 4 dead 2 he did an interesting blog post on creating unique envrionment designs which involved streets. He used copic markers to not focus on detail and just focus on shape and rapid prototyping so ideas could be generated and possibly something you wouldnt have originally thought of might appear in the shapes. Although this wasnt specifically relevant to the research needed i thought it was useful for designing and i liked how he approached the process.

The next example i found was alot more relevant, i found some concept art designs for streets in Infamous: Second Son, These designs have different interpretations on how streets would look with varied weather/time.

These images are good examples in relation to my research of how streets might change with weather/time, for example in the day a nightclub would be shut, locked and have no sign of life whereas soon as it hits night time its bright, crowded and life of the night. another example would be a records shop like in the infamous picture in the day it will be open for business displaying an open sign possibly neon or not, then at night it will be locked and closed but above it people might live there so lights could be on. other examples are in the link to the website.

To round it up i found the concept artist for Deus Ex, Richard Dumont. He designed a nice concept piece for a street styled for Deus Ex which is extremely futuristic and bright. This piece is clearly at night time but due to the sheer mass of electrics and lighting from the buildings it makes not much difference, it remind me of time square in new york with all the huge advertising boards which light up the area. Some of is other works for Deus Ex are here. And then more works for concept art which involves richard dumont are in this website alongside the works of Eric Gagnon who also worked on Deus Ex concepts.

Using this research as reference to alternative environments it will hopefully aid me in my personal design of a street building as i consider the differing goings on during day, night, and weather.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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