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The Street- Building Proposal

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As the next stage of the brief (heres part 1 research) for The Street project we have been given the next part which we have to build a shop/building in 3DS Max. We have to now create a proposal to pitch to our tutors what our building is including information behind it and reasons behind your choice of building. It has to be inspired by at least one building of the same nature or more or combined to create a generic building.

Street Project- Building Proposal

Bulding Type- A Fish and Chips Restaurant, aiming itself at the tourist and public crowd. 1 storey high with a pyramid hip roof at the front and flat near the back. drainage systems on the building

Period Built- Built in 1990s traditional brick walls with tiled roof. Area at the front with some picnic benches to sit outside the shop but not much space there so extenstion was created at back due to increased customers. It was built orginally as a ice cream shop but due to lack of year round sales it was overtaken and changed to a fish and chips restaurant.

Contempory changes- recently had a newer burglar alarm system fitted to the side of the building

Back of the building has had a paved decking extended for a extra outside eating area.

The sign at the front has been re-designed from a previously blocky type simple in design to a more modern 3d sign with harbour related signs attached.

State of Repair- None, recent extension added so no work needs to be done.

Important External Features- Signage of the restaurant “Straight from the Dock” with a boat and fish to one side of the text.

Drainage pipes, Picnic benches, air ventilation units, alarm, A- Board for best offer.

Problems to solve-  beleiveable interior through the glass without modelling interior.

Additional Notes- possible request not to be on a corner due to back extension of shop.





Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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