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Food vendor- Side Project.

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Animation/Games Design Mini- Brief 6– “Food Vendor” – Visualisation – Character/Environment Design.

  • Sketches/screenshots and final image/render (full colour or line work/blocking out), grey-blocking to full 3D render, or model set.
  • …or, if concept or asset creation, 3D modelling or Set Design is not your portfolio remit;

a – Games – a rationale of how a “Food Vendor” could be used in a casual flash game concept, fully explored, descriptive outlines, with rough visuals and game mechanics discussed.

This is the latest little mini brief we have to really help us build our portfolio’s, which is the prime purpose to build a portfolio to attract people from industry.

First off I thought of doing an American diner as I love the retro layout and really good vibe they give off with neon lights, but in the brief it does say no full interior restaurant just like a cart, stall, van or portable sales object. With that in mind I could still actually do my idea but in a compact style so id have to think about how I will go about that. Whilst I do that I decided to gather some references on the topic which might end up giving me inspiration for my actual idea. I will be going out in hull to add to this with my own references not just Google.

diner stallFirst example is this a very bright and bold but attractive looking vendor of fast food, the text is large for the products they want to sell and you cant miss what they have to offer. Its very bright and open so customers can see what’s going on when its all being cooked also people walking past may glance at say a sizzling steak and be attracted to that not to mention the smell wont be contained. This is a nice style and could well be incorporated into the style I want to do with American diner.



fries This example I like because it shows exactly what its selling or at least one item in the realistic enough shape of the product which is easily relatable to a customer. With both the fries in large text just in case you didn’t realise its fries your looking at and also the ice cream cone.





zombie cart

Behind the very good zombie is a typical box looking vendor which you see quite often in public places usually in the form of a burger van or pulled pork etc. (I know there’s one outside House of Fraser in hull which ill get a picture of). Other than that I think the theme is different the “100% fresh British brains” in a walking dead style van is definitely something you don’t see often so maybe I could alter my idea and go for something a little less obvious.



Then some references that are just quick and easy:

lemonade stand homemade To be fair this is a really good effort from the kid to sell lemonade to the public has his own banners and everything all colour schemed, makes a change from the usual flip up table with a piece of paper taped on the front. But not bad but effective clearly gets across what product it is he is selling. Would be interesting to see how its made I cant really see but its a good effort.





chinese This is a oriental style market which is clearly a basic grill or cooking machine on some form of stand with curtains or banners around it to create oriental image. You can see the lanterns which is relevant to the culture. The gas tankers in the middle and the right which will power the cookers. A Octopus looking animal with symbols across it to further promote the theme and attract the image. The little deck chair on the left sneaking into the shot also says a lot of how they sell to passers by its not permanent its easily packed up and moved on.



bike stall This one was my favourite im not entirely sure what he is selling looks like bags of crisps and then hot food in the middle, but the concept of a bicycle food vendor well structured and easily transported is fantastic. You can just see if selling is going stale and bike along to the next location its brilliant for maximum sales. The roof is there to shade the products im guessing as if it was raining it wouldn’t be very practical. I do like this idea its different something you don’t see often.

After gathering all that I still wanted to focus on a American diner style vendor but with a sort of image of a product in the shape of the vendor, maybe a burger with wheels like a van so its portable. I will now do a few sketches of my ideas and decide which to build upon from the design process.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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