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Character Bio- Introduction to Gaming.

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For this lesson we was asked to create a believable character as a test for us to see if we could successfully create a character and not have anyone need question about it and if they did you would have the answer.

But before going onto this we looked into characters today in games and how stereotypical they look without you even realising. First off we looked into the “Vin diesel” appearance. This is the look of a muscly, masculine, powerful, strong and generally short-haired man. Plenty of examples mass effect, GTA IV, Desmond, infamous, far cry, splinter cell, dead space etc. all similar looking protagonists.

vin diesel

shepard mass effectinfamousdesmond miles

Then we looked at another type of stereotypical character example the Clint Eastwood approach, uncharted, last of us, heavy rain, tom Clancy, deus ex, red dead redemption etc.

deus ex heavy rain red dead redemption joel last of us

Then we looked at the female side of characters the Lara croft look (sexualised look) , tomb raider, bio shock, harlequin (batman), heavenly sword, tekken, bayonetta, final fantasy (riku 12year old girl in it inappropriate fantasy). The cute perfect face image over sexualised stereotypical idealistic look. They use sex to sell products basically this is the whole debate about feminism and over sexualisation of female game characters..

bioshock harley quinn heavenley sword lara croft tomb raider riku

This then lead on to use being tasked to create a character bio sheet. Had to think of a character in under 5minutes or get given one which would be extremely difficult by Paul. First off I went to the internet to find a character bio sheet which I found on deviant art (here) it was quite a detailed long bio sheet but I thought if im just doing one I may as well go full out.

Character design sheet bio

What role does this character play? (Story based): antagonist

What inspired you to create this character?: Greek mythology is fascinating and creating my own long lost demi-god-titan is appealing.

What does this character represent to you, if anything?: leader, likes to be in power, strong.

What goals do you have for this character?: stereotypical evil antagonist, wants to overthrow Olympus being cast out brother of Zeus son of Cronus wants to kill all gods for destroying the titans and his father.


Full Name: Thabos Kratos Cronus

Pronunciation of their name (first, middle name(s) and last): Tha-bos  Crate-os Cro-nus

Meaning of their full name: Death (tha), fear (bos), power strength (Kratos), Cronus his dad (prophecy one of his children would kill him he swallowed 2 killing them but his wife rhea hid one Zeus but exiled another Thabos as he was the one the prophecy indicated to).

Why did their parents name them this?: the cast out son due to this child matching an oracle’s prophecy of a blue scar through both of his eyes horizontally. Named Thabos after Thanatos (Greek god of death) and Phobos (meaning fear as they feared him). Then Kratos due to his strength and power, then Cronus after the father of all titans his dad.

Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/): Unstated but is a demi-god-titan

Nickname(s): Thabos the merciless

Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?: always makes him smirk slightly as he knows people fear him.

History behind nickname(s): Never spares his prey no matter the connection his path is his only focus. Brings death fear and pain to all around him.

Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot: Thabos son of Cronus, the born scarred child that the prophecy was said to kill his father. Exiled by his mother Rhea behind Cronus back hoping he would eventually return to fulfil the prophecy after he swallowed to of his children in fear of the prophecy but son Zeus was hid rather than exiled.


Sex: Male

Gender identity: Male

Race/species: Greek mythology/ demigod-titan

Ethnicity: Greek

Realm/Universe (Real world, an anime verse, etc.): Olympus/ earth

Share about this realm (What’s considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse): God, in the heavens. Or planet earth

Age: 20

How old they appear: 35 (battle takes its toll)

Mental age: immortal

Orientation/Sexual preference: female

Any history behind their sexual orientation?: No

Why this sexual choice?: Natural

Do they believe its right?: Yes

Are they opposed for their sexual choice?: No

Birth date: 23/03/1995

Birth place: Olympus

Death date: N/A

Death place: N/A

Height: 6”5

Weight: 220lbs

Are they overweight/underweight?: muscular, average.

If so, why?: N/A

Blood type: Blue

Can they bleed?: Only by hand of a god

What colour is their blood?: Blue


Defining physical characteristics/general appearance: scar makes him instantly recognisable.

Eye colour(s): amber/gold with a constant fire style motion in the eye to represent to fire inside. Blue outline tint.

Contacts?: no

If so, why do they have contacts?: N/A

Glasses?: no

Describe their glasses: N/A

Is this eye colour uncommon?: yes one of a kind


General facial structure(high cheekbones, narrow eyes, etc.):

Face shape: defined, well structured.

Describe their eyes: Amber/gold colour with a fire style motion in the eye to represent the fire inside edged in a burning orange when angry and flares up.

Describe their nose: Straight structure, no flaws, average size nostrils, protrusion average.

Describe their lips: masculine, slightly cracked, pale pink natural colour, natural look and position.

Ears(pointed, cat, etc.): rounded

If something about their face is different than the norm of their realm, do they get grief/disapproval for it?: seems perfect in structure, but was born with a blue scar through both eyes like a dagger swipe style. Got cast out from Olympus because of it as he was said to be prophecy of killing his father.

Wrinkles?: No

Eyelashes?: Yes

Describe them: average size, masculine so not long and standing out like female just normal.

Eyebrows?: Yes

Describe them: looks like having a constant frown (anger), pointed tops but bottom is cut off due to birth scar.

Hair colour(s): black but godly white glow shows through

Hair length: Short spikey

Dyed?: No

If so, why is their hair dyed?: N/A

Hair style: Spiked

Why?: doesn’t want to be like the gods with long perfect wavy hair.

Is their hair healthy?: Yes

If not, why can it not be maintained?: N/A

How thick?: Thick

Facial hair?: No

Well kept?: yes no facial hair ever seen as gods perceived to have beards he doesn’t want to be like them he hates them.

Length: none

Styling: N/A

Colour: Black

Body hair?: Yes

Where?: arms, legs, and chest

Well kept?: Yes, very short on arms and legs, chest shaved off.

Colour: Black


Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Muscular

Body shape(Pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc.): masculine muscly figure

Body type(medically speaking): No medical issues in perfect shape.

Posture(slouched, correct, etc.): Correct, proud, powerful.

Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.): scar on face

Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.): no

Does the extremity cripple them or is it helpful?: N/A

Describe how they walk(Fast, slow, weak step, etc.): fast, powerful normally. But can be very stealthy.

Why do they walk this way?: knows his power.

Do they limp?: no


Skin/fur colour(s): white tanned

Complexion: white tanned

Patterns/designs(on skin/fur and where they are, such as a zebra stripe pattern): N/A

Scars: face through both eyes coloured blue

How did they get these scars?: birth scar

Birthmarks): read above

Tattoos: a shattered lightning bolt down his wrist veins

Reasons behind tattoos: symbolises his desire to defeat his brother Zeus

Piercings: no

Reasons behind piercings: N/A

Additional body mods(scarification, sub-dermal implants, etc.):  chest body muscles are not that of a human still basic shape but the muscles are divided diagonally only gods have this.


Right/left handed(or ambidextrous perhaps?): both

Big hands/small hands/something else?: big

Long fingered/short fingered hands?:long

Are their nails taken care of(Decently)?: decent

If not, why?: N/A


Describe their smile: smirk, never full smile, just an evil wry smile stating satisfied but never happy.

What kind of teeth do they have?(Vampiric, all fangy, etc.): normal

Do they take care of their teeth?: no

Why/why not?:  god no need

Dental condition: good


Describe their voice(What range is it for one thing? Alto, tenor, bass, etc.?): deep, well pronounced, audible.

Speech mannerisms(Do they pause a lot, a stutter?: well spoken


Describe an outfit they would wear:

Why do they have this clothing preference?: warrior attire, gods tend to wear robes so he does have a samurai style look to him but with some warrior extras like an equipment belt.



Mental state: Troubled

Mental disorder/ailment(s)(If any): None

If they have a mentally threatening disorder, what caused it to arise?: None

Mental stability: un stable, has visions and flashbacks of Olympus and his mother casting him out, he also sees his father in his dreams dying at the hand of Zeus calling Thabos’s name to avenge him to the confusion of Zeus.

How does this ailment affect their day to day life?: troubles every day only wants power and revenge

Why do they have this degree of mental stability?: past, being cast out due to a prophecy which was inaccurate the scared one was not the killer of Cronus it was the other surviving child Zeus. Wants revenge and power to throne.

Mental has to do with neurological issues, good mental health is very important. Mental issues can effect emotions, and emotional stability, though they are not the same thing.

Emotional stability: unstable

Emotional disorder/ailment(s): N/A

Why do they have such/lack emotional stability?: due to past.

Has their upbringing had an effect on their emotions?: it’s the sole reason

Why or why not?: prophecy


The age chart for emotional and mental things here is based on a human lifespan.

Describe or share about their mental and emotional state during…

early childhood(3 – 5): lost confused adopted by a blacksmith and his wife in rural town.

childhood(6 – 9): felt he was better than all the kids at everything knew he was special.

adolescence/tween(10 – 12): started getting dreams about the god’s battles and father dying but didn’t know what for, nightmares. Bullying for his facial scar from kids resulted into anger burning up.

adolescence/teen(13 – 16): dreams getting clearer and clearer message from dying Cronin his actual dad stating his name but rest faded out. Getting into a lot of trouble at school in fights and breaking stuff with evident superior strength.

teen continued(16 – 18): first dream at 16 of mother casting him out of Olympus, 18 he gets the full scene of his father’s death asking him to avenge him as he was mistaken that he wasn’t the offspring who would kill him. Fire inside enrages and he sets on rage path to Olympus.

young adulthood(19 – 25): every night visited by same dream which makes him wake up and continue his path, has killed many people by this time in battles who are in his path. Reaches Olympus using god only knowledge to try overthrow his lost brother one way or another.


Personality snapshot: troubled, antisocial, angry.

Most prominent personality trait: anger

Best traits of their personality: None spares nobody in his path

Worst traits of their personality: All of them pure evil rage path.


What caused this kind of personality to form?(based upon upbringing/social whatnot): past

Would you say their personality was influenced by their caretakers/guardians?: adopted parents tried best but rage of a god is uncontrollable especially when he has visits in his dreams

If so, who influenced their personality the most and how?: Rhea (mum) for casting out and Cronus (dad) for not seeing Rheas true nature hiding Zeus and Thabos. Zeus (brother) who killed his father to overthrow the titans and become the main god whilst Thabos lived amongst the humans.

If not, what was the greatest influence?: best influence on him was adopted father had a close bond and taught him many life lessons also gave him a family generation ancient sword on his departure for Olympus.

Do they like their personality?: no want to rule rightfully in Olympus the personality is the only way to make that possible would rather it all never happened and didn’t know.


Do they have a healthy self-image(How they view themselves)?: Likes the power but wanted to be a normal human child and was happy with it until the realisation of the prophecy and his dreams explaining his life. That unleashed the fire inside.

If not, why?: n/a

If so, what gives them the drive to maintain it?: to kill Zeus

First impression usually given: not one to mess with

Are they logical thinkers(if they have a mentally crippling disease, this is null)?: very intelligent and quick thinking.


Current faith(religion): Gods

If they do have one, why?: he knows they exist as he is one so is all his real family.

If they don’t have one, why?: n/a

Are they strong in it?: knows truth

Do they actively practice it?: no

Why did they choose this faith?: one of them

If they didn’t choose it, were they forced into it?: yes birth

Do they know?: yes knows all.

Zodiac: Aries

Do they follow a horoscope/related things?: Aries represents fire, leaders of the pack, not afraid to be in the mix, power.


Outlook on life: pain

General attitude: blunt

What caused this attitude?: past

Have they ever questioned their outlook on life?: questioned why human upbringing to find out not human and on path to kill his brother a god.


Alignment(Good/evil/bystander/etc.): evil

Why they chose this path: revenge

Do they know the outcome of this choice?: death for themselves or all

Do they believe this is right?: yes

If they don’t believe it’s correct, why do they stay on it?: n/a


Personal quote and(or) motto: I don’t fear death…I am death

Reasons behind this motto/quote: battle warrior, kills all who stand in path, mind is set on killing.


Emotional trauma(if any, and why): nightmares of Olympus

How do they respond when the trauma issue is talked about/touched on?: anger/rage cursing the sky.

Does this trauma affect their day to day life?: yes

Why, or why not?: mass destruction

What made the situation traumatic to them?: lived a lie to piece together his true self in nightmares.

Would you say that they effect the environment around them, or that their environment around them affects them more?: they effect environment around them, destruction, merciless, can never be loved as he signifies suffering.


Morals(and what they are): None

What defines right and wrong for them?: only right is to overthrow Zeus rest is just meaningless to him

Do they hold these morals for religious reasons?: sort of

Do they hold their definitions of right and wrong above other people: yes definitely


Earliest memory: came in form of a nightmare mum casting him out of Olympus

Is this memory important to them?: extremely his life journey now revolves around it

Do they wish to forget it?: wish they never knew and could lead a normal life but that’s not possible until he believes justice is served.

Are they glad they remember it?: No


How do they respond and/or react in times of…(and why they do what they do)

Happiness: smirk, never show true emotions sees it as weakness

Excitement: eyes flare up (excited by battle)

Surprise: instinct to attack so angry and flared up

Grief: None

Pain: unusual feeling as he can only be harmed by a god

Fear: he is fear so doesn’t fear

Not knowing the outcome of some situation: calm and confident



Current dream in life: rule Olympus

Why is this their dream?: nightmares

Long term goals: rule for life and have a son who is a god

Why?: wants to have everything what Zeus has

Short term goals: kill

Why?: anger suffering bringer of death


Backstory: son of a titan cast out due to a scarred baby prophecy who kills his father, lives normal life with humans troubled by nightmares which are the same very night just growing in length and clarity. Once he knows the truth path for revenge of his father is his only aim and won’t stop until it’s complete.

Family background & Family tree: the gods. Cronus father, rheu mother, brother zeus. Gods etc.

Describe their upbringing: well taken care of by adopted parents but life was a lie.

Did they enjoy their upbringing?: loved adopted parent still consider them as real parents but had to leave to avenge his father.

How much does their upbringing affect them in day to day life now?: try’s to go by adopted fathers life lessons and morals but the pain overthrows it most of the time, but the life is a lie question he goes over and over fuels the destruction he wants to bring.

What did/do they most enjoy about their childhood?: Not knowing the truth

What did/do they most resent about their childhood?: discovering the nightmares are real and very true. Also bullying/trouble issues in childhood due to his facial scar.


Up close and personal

Biggest fears: None doesn’t even fear death.

How often does this fear take a toll on them?: n/a

Biggest hope: rule Olympus

Do they depend on this hope?: yes it’s that or die trying

Biggest dream/passion: kill Zeus avenge father and take the throne

Biggest regrets: uncovering the truth

Does this affect their day to day life?: yes nightmares haunt him daily the same ones over and over.

Largest weaknesses: his nightmares or sleep. His human family.

Are they ashamed at all of their weaknesses?: knows its mentally affecting him and tries to over compensate to prove he has no weakness.

Largest strengths: power strength


What are their…

Likes: leading or winning.

Dislikes: brother or losing.

Loves: adopted parents.

Hates: Zeus and mother.

Passions: combat

Reasons to keep going in life: to avenge father.


What makes them tick(think the way they do)?: god instincts

Abilities(As in powers): strength, combat, focus, speed, power and stealth.

Rate their power on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being most powerful in all the universe they’re in: 10 on par with Zeus

Are these powers inherited generation to generation?: Yes

Why/why not?: How the Gods work the powers are passed down.

Special skills(Not meaning powers): blacksmithing, crafting, pyrotechnics.

Hobbies:  combat

How do they spend their free time?: training, gaining strength.

What about their non-free time?: path to Olympus .

Social skills(Not everyone is a social butterfly or an antisocial individual): only speaks during combat or to announce himself. Otherwise if he chooses to he just goes unnoticed.


What’s their favourite time of day?: Day

Why?: Night brings on his nightmares which he feels are his weakness.

Does this time have anything to do with their upbringing?: yes

Least favourite time of day: night

Why?: nightmares


Favourite food?: noodles/ stir fry

Why is this their favourite food?:  adopted mum cooked them all the time with her secret wok recipe.

Least favourite food: ice cream

Why is this their least favourite food?: hates being cold

Can they cook?: Never tried


What is their favourite colour?: blue

Does this colour have something to do with their personality?: no opposite blue is calm and peaceful, everything about him is red, dangerous, violent, blood etc.

Why is this their favourite colour?: see it every day in his scar reminds him of who he is. And the colour blue signifies that he knows he can be good and calm but until he has his revenge his eyes will always be fire.

Least favourite colour: white

Why is this their least favourite colour?: Zeus is white he signifies wisdom, royalty, purity and peace.


Favourite animal: dog

Why?: grew up with one

Least favourite animal: cat

Why?: clawed his dog so he killed it


First language: English

Second language: Greek

Third?: all

Was there an urgent need to learn additional languages?: no he knows all languages

Pet(s): none at the moment

Why?: left pet behind with adopted family.


Props/ attire: wears warrior attire, gods tend to wear robes so he does have a samurai style look to him but with some warrior extras like an equipment belt and sword holster. Colour scheme of red orange black with a blue outline to signify the fire and death etc. that he is but has the blue to match his scar to show there is hope.

Weapon?: Main weapon is the sword his adopted father gave to him as he left it was a family sword passed down many generations and is very well structured in both appearance and durability. It is name Cronus by Thabos to suggest his father will be the one doing the revenge. Sword does flame blue when Thabos is really fired up which matches his scar and inner power although he portrays himself as red and fire etc.

Shield?: no

Secondary weapon (dagger, throwing knife, javelin, rope, chain, mace etc.): no

Armour?: Samurai style robes with one shoulder armour pad, no gauntlets, and boots like sandals of a gladiator (Greek).

Magic?: only the ability to make his weapon flame blue and his godly powers.

Why this choice of attire?: doesn’t need much protection due to his power, speed is the key so the lighter he is the better (shoulder pad removed from time to time), shoulder pad used for stability and reinforcement when resistance is needed, sword given to him has attachment to it.

Yes! a long read but hope I have covered it all for my character. I intend to do a few more different styled characters etc. in shorter form to show I can create characters. I really enjoyed doing this it really made me think I had to go into back stories of Greek mythology to make it contextual with the prophecy which I twisted, also his name which is a Greek mash up. I might also do a quick sketch to add to this post to give a visual aid to the character I have described.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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