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Side Project- “Bus Stop”

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Today I was introduced to a manageble side mini brief which is given to us to explain to us that we need to understand that small mini projects are things which build our portfolio and mini games are the way forward for us as unless we are in a massive team we will never finish that “epic AAA game idea” that we had as its just not possible. So this project of “Bus Stop” is a useful addition that can possibly support our portfolio and help us build our personal work in our own time.

The brief states: For the purpose of this brief, a BUS STOP can be interpreted as “any place at which people might gather to board transport of some kind.”

It should include:

1. Preliminary sketches/thumbnails of ideas and thinking/Mood Board of Influences and References.

2. A pre-visualization for a scene/environment/product in the broader scope of a digital/traditional animation/game concept.

3. A brief outline of your idea, this can be printed out or left on your blogs but submit a link to the post.

4. a list of influences/ artists who you have looked at.

So taking all this into account i went to the internet to find some insperation  for forms of transport that people gather on with all types of land just maybe to mix it up and do something different than the casual bus stop. It can be an elevated walkway in a futuristic pod craft pick up and drop off or just complete opposite of medievil horse and cart pickup. cable car.2cable car entry.1cable car station.1

My first idea was that of a cable car, maybe at some sort of mountain resort or tourist attraction. And to do some form of 3D Model of a cable car aswell as a concept art of people waiting to get into a cbale car and then mid journey. This would be a interesting idea as its not your everyday transport but for tourist attractions its an esstential pick up and drop off point if there was a fault the attraction would not be easily assessible to the public especially a mountain. An alternate idea for the cable cars so I could go down the like of a concept art piece instead would be the ground floor world is polluted in the future and the new world of massive skyscrapers can only be safely accessed by cable car through the smog pollution.gondola.1KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAgondola.3

For the idea of water I didn’t want just your conventional boat that we use today like a speedboat or a cruiser, I wanted something more elegant but also man made in a sense. This gave me the ideas of the gondola, a gondola is a type of rowing boat as seen in the pictures displayed with a long oar. The reason I wanted this style as I was thinking not that of tourist experience at Venice…no that was too obvious for a gondola. My idea was to set it in the near future with the setting of a underwater London, the cause of this would be the melting of the artic causing mass sea level rise and huge waves breaking all modern boats leaving just raw materials floating about. Therefore only means of travel would be that of a man made gondola/rowing boat for remaining survivors. I have a few ideas of a concept art for this piece but may also 3D model a gondola.

Below are some other ideas I gathered for different scenery of underwater and just day to day transport but I decided I wouldn’t pursue them and that I would try to focus on which of the gondola or cable car I would focus on after sketching thumbnails of them. Posts of progress are to follow shortly.

wheeled submarineunderwater cityunderwater car.2underwater bus

busy bus stop.1

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