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CATS Log Book Entry 5 Addition- The Virtual Revolution- The Birth of the Internet.

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As part of Session 5 of our CATS lecture, we watched a video called “The Virtual Revolution“. It is a documentary that the BBC made and the particular part that we watched dealt with “The Birth of the Internet“. The episode started talking about how the internet came to be, specifically, how businesses took advantage of the internet. But then it moved to the topic of how the internet collects and uses personal data.

It goes on to explain the internet and all its supposedly “free” aspects such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. But the video address and explains how they are a free service to us. Its all done by the world of Advertisements, websites and businesses need to get themselves out there and the most efficient way of doing that is by advertising your own business. amongst other ways such as:

The internet has dramatically impacted the business world in the last few years and this trend will certainly continue well into the future. Many companies have discovered the advantages of having a presence on the internet and have successfully addressed corporate objectives by integrating their web site as part of their business strategy.

A web site can generate awareness and provide a world-wide store front for your company while automating many business procedures 24 hours a day. Let tech help your company benefit from the many advantages listed below that are available with a well designed and marketed site on the World Wide Web.

Establish a presence– Over seven Million people have access to the World Wide Web with more and more added every day. Your business can’t afford to ignore this many potential customers. Become an active member of this new and growing cyber-culture by developing a web site. Your company can easily and inexpensively expand with a new store that is open 24 hours a day in one of the fastest growing cities in history.

Networking– Develop lines of communication that promote contact with potential clients and organizations. What an easy way to pass out hundreds or thousands of business cards advertising what you do and how your clients can contact you.

Provide business information– Like any printed form of advertising, your web site can post your business services, hours, location, phone and e-mail for the public to view, but unlike the traditional advertising mediums, your web site can have instant communication with information about your company that changes regularly. A restaurant may allow customers to check on reservations for availability, search the menu for vegetarian dishes, and see what the chef has posted as the special of the day to help them quickly make an informed decision. Information on how and why people should use your company, frequently asked questions, and more can all be just a few mouse clicks away.

Service your customers– Your customers can have access to business information and services that may not be available any other way. Your clients can be from anywhere in the world and shop in your store like never before and from the comfort of their homes. Even if you have a large inventory, anyone can easily and quickly search your database and locate the exact item that they were looking for and purchase it online.

Conduct business– A web site does not have to make money to be considered a successful endeavour, but it does not hurt to generate some type of income. Your web site can provide your customers with the tools needed to locate the exact product that they are looking for and the forms needed to purchase any item or service online. This can occur automatically without draining human resources 24 hours a day

Provide files to download– All pamphlets, brochures, advertisements, and even a demonstration video of your product or service can be down loaded from your web site. Anyone interested in your company will have access to files that can be designed to print beautiful informational brochures, complete with pictures of your staff, or tables and graphs of information about your company. These same files can have links to picture, sound, and video files to enhance your ability to deliver an interactive and effective introduction to your company’s products and services.

So Google is run by people paying more and more to become that related add at the top of Google when you search, otherwise you don’t rank as high as others in the advertisement ranking. The way that Google works and relates advertisements to you is through the method of Cookies. When Google was originally pitched it was pitches as an advertisement free service but it was quickly shunned as it would work the money would drain away from processing and funding it eventually shutting it down. Cookies use tiny mini internet spiders called meta- crawlers to gather up all your recent search history to give you the most related and specific advertisements e.g. I searched for a suit jacket in topman and soon as I went on my social network site Facebook page a advertisement on the right under “suggested adds” showed that exact suit I clicked on as a hyperlink to try get you back there. It is done by Google’s system called “Ad words” they also use a similar process to function your searches by matching your words typed with words in the site and views of the site etc. to tailor to your exact needs.

An example of an invasion of privacy is when AOL released a list of searches by 650,000 people using the AOL services. A journalist was then able to find out exactly who this person was just by using the information from the data released by AOL and a phone book. So even though legally they are required to protect your information in this case that was violated and everyone’s search terms were revealed.

Websites that involve shopping now use certain features similar to Googles “Ad words” for example Tescos do it to show you when you search for a product what other people bought alongside this item or what they viewed in similar products. This allows people to be sort of drawn towards other products that they may not have considered e.g. a TV is what you want but they suggest a stand or even a surround sound unit to go with you TV. Its all very clever and well organised.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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