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Sound- Assessed Piece Research.

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Our previous sound work has been introducing us to to the likes of the studio how it works and how to go about field recording. Now we have to move on from our practice work to the assessed piece which is to produce a 5minute factual speech based feature or documentary.

The Brief

Research current output using the BBC listen again website, (Radio 4, Radio 3, World Service). Analyse the sue of narration, music, location recording, interviews and the overall structure of the piece.

Theme: Solo Character or Issue. The theme is a starting point for a factual study of either one character or an issue/event. In either case, the theme should be explored widely, imaginatively and creatively e.g. portrait, character study, true story, or obsession. Alternatively an objective or wry reflection or reconstruction of an event or ‘slice of life’ that includes wherever possible the voices of the participants, observes and those effected. In all cases you should be asking ‘why’…e.g. why a person is the way they are, or why did such an event take place and how and in what ways did this affect our character; why is the issue important for us to know about it? One approach to take is ‘look at the subject’ move and metaphorically speaking move around 90 degrees and take a look at it again.

  • You will need to brainstorm subjects individually and as a team
  • Research the subject and develop a clear but attainable set of aims and objectives.
  • Develop a proposal and treatment that outlines how you will design the subject to be heard.
  • Adopt and include practices such as editing, mixing, actuality, location recording, music, sound effects (SFX), dramatic reconstruction or even poetry (in the case of a feature) to add colour and variation to the subject.

Considerations: Use the voices of different reporters but only one narrator. Music should be used creatively to contextualise and support the content.

The first thing we did was go over as a class some ideas we have for this sound assessment so one group said they was doing a grand theft auto style violence in video games debate (much like my analysis) and the role of women in those games. Then the 2nd group decided to go with the mayan calendar worlds end event, and then our group suggested something to do with dinosaurs but we wasn’t sure what.

Due to our vague overview of our project focus as a group we decided to knuckle down and focus on a specific theme that we could turn into either a factual speech based documentary or feature. I brought up the idea that the walking with dinosaurs CGI films was sort of a first person view narration of dinosaur life like the narrator was there, we could use that as a guideline. Then Brian our tutor came over and informed us that BBC radio do a dinosaur life show where you use your imagination to depict and picture the sounds as what type or dinosaur it is e.g. a stereotypical t-rex noise of a loud roar you would identify fairly quickly what it was. That was an idea we could do like a imagine the dinosaurs documentary and i thought that was a good idea to store whilst we thought of others as we needed a design process to emerge so we wasn’t just going with our first idea.

Other ideas we had was to do a extinction event description where we research and talk about the way the dinosaurs went extinct how it happened and multiple theories involved in the extinction, but we found out that the impact meteorite event was actually proven because they have found a mineral that is only found in outer space underground in rocks that date back to the cretaceous period (dinosaur period) alongside lots of fossils and bones etc.

Due to this find in some minor research we decided to focus just on the one extinction event which was the meteorite strike impact event.

Using BBC nature‘s references and information on the dinosaurs extinction event we will collectively as a group gather enough information to create a proposal, aims, objectives and then do an evaluation on our group research  for our own view on the research as this is individually assessed as well.

Idea- Impact Event dinosaur meteorite documentary.

Research- get a broad view of the meteorite and evidence behind the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Aims- To focus on as much factual evidence as possible for the meteor strike.

Objective- To give the public a understanding of what happened from our given information

Treatment- the narration, news, historical context, scientist speeches, multiple speakers 1 narrator, discoveries, other theories possible, summary.

Script- the write up what we will actually say during the documentary, make sure we include factual statistics to support out case.

Schedule- the allocated time we have (17th january hand in) and how we use our studio time, field record, equipment etc.

Allocation- Who does what in the group e.g. Me Narrator because best speaking voice or dave scientist voice as he sounds intellectual just examples not the case as of yet.

For now this is where we are at the beginning of the research gathering has begun at the end of this lecture.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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