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Creative Futures- “Adaptation”- Environment Drawings/Progress Design (2).

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In Adaptation environment design sketches I have already tackled one to what I thought was a decent effort for reasons stated on that particular blog (arena gladiator first person view sketch). This time as stated I was going to draw the Coliseum from a birds eye view, the original idea was to do just the coliseum but as I progress I thought the picture looked bare so I added surroundings.

Original Arena

Here is the original drawing of the coliseum just the arena nothing else was around it, I used similar techniques to the last drawing such as the contour lines to show curvature of the circular arena, use of the white gel pen to show the light (source of light was bottom left this time) and then a new one I didn’t use last time of thick line/thin line which gave areas like the windows that added 3d effect for boldness. The drawing of this was fairly simple as collected research of the coliseum in the actual time period was good and gave me a easy grasp on how to go about drawing this. My favourite part of this is how well I used the gel pen to show light and the transition from exterior to interior by doing this.

This time I did take multiple pictures to show progress, mainly of the surroundings developing.


So here I have been building up the surrounding areas, I started with basic Drawing 101 primitive shapes like rectangles and cubes I even did a few circles (the fountain) and then some mashed up shapes like the statue I did in the bottom right multiple rectangles on top of each other slightly smaller to create a platform for the statue. I tried to use perspective where I could to create sort of streets in the image and some form of layout to the surround area, I felt I did this well in areas (bottom half of picture) but then struggled towards the top when I tried to enter the less rich area so smaller buildings. I was particularly pleased with my continued use of the shading for the buildings I feel I have really improved on that behalf throughout this year, the use of the gel pen again really worked fantastic for me. The statue I did I am so happy with I got the scale and the shading done really nicely even the shadow wasn’t exact to the shape of the statue but your mind could figure out where it was coming from.

Rome birds eye view.

Rome birds eye view.


This is the final product of the Rome birds eye view, as you can tell the top area of the picture I tried to develop as much as I could not to be a big wealthy area but possibly a smaller middle class area of Rome (I may have done this wrong as im unsure if the city was segregated), the scale I used throughout was nicely undertaken I believe as the coliseum is clearly the largest but other buildings of importance were also big. Shading was a thing I impressed myself with a lot from this, I wasn’t completely filling in areas like I used to I just shaded roughly which adds realism as it will never be perfectly shaded or covered little patches appear all the time so rough shading is so much better.

Things I like: The shading, the statue, the roman statues were always eccentric and over the top size wise to make the people who are in the statues like gods so they are worshiped by the people (like César) so I think I got the scale right with that as well as the shapes. The general layout of the city I did nicely I used perspective well to create roman style buildings.

Things I didn’t like: The top area of smaller buildings, i struggled to keep a layout to the top area not sure why but it just didn’t work for me in that area maybe it was too cluttered or I didn’t style it right. I tried to do a massive roman arch as an entry to the coliseum on the front in 3d but couldn’t grasp how to do it properly so I shaded it as a normal plain instead (this is a feature id like to bring in), the contextual relevance, yes I had the coliseum, roman housing, the pillared buildings and a statue etc. but I felt certain roman iconic things hadn’t been brought in e.g. aqueduct, beautiful gardens and more pillared structures.

I really enjoyed drawing this one but I think if I gathered a lot more research on the Ancient Rome (as accurate as possible) layout.

The next drawing will be a view from the crowd, where you will be sat as an arena master of the fight.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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