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Casual Games- Proposal (11/11/13)


In casual games we have just done a lesson which was our first lesson using Adobe Flash Professional (more information on previous blog post). This use of software was useful for us not only for our Casual Games project but our actual flash timeline, but purely focusing on our Casual Games topic we have been asked to produce a brief proposal on what casual game we would be making in flash. To make sure I had my ideas on the right track I had to go back over my previous research on casual games to reinforce what exactly was a casual game and the requirements to make one.

“Developed  for the general public and families, casual games are video games that  are fun and easy to learn and play. The games are platform agnostic,  meaning they can be played via the Internet, Facebook, PC, and Macintosh  computers, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Wii and even mobile phones, iPhone and PDA. They’re nonviolent, arcade-style games that involve puzzles,  words, board and card games, game show and trivia. Popular games are  Mah-jong, Tetris, Solitaire, Bejeweled,  Mystery Case Files,  and Farmville.”-Casual Game Description

With this in mind I have to now find an idea for a casual game of my own to produce in flash. My previous lesson in flash involved me using a stick man to spin and kick the bouncing ball away so I originally thought it would be a good idea to do a stick man fighting game with wasd to fight and the arrows to move with space to jump, but then obviously I had neglected that a casual game is nonviolent and clearly a fighting stick man game is violent although it would be fun.

With that idea out of the way I reverted back to the ball and the stickman. This gave me an idea to have a stick man that can kick side to side and also jump but the objective of the casual game would to be keep the ball up (stop from hitting floor). This would involve coding for gravity and also collision as the ball would have to drop to the floor as well as bounce off the player to stay up. This would be a game you can easy play with simple controls of arrow keys to shift the player, space bar to jump and Z to slide or kick left and X to slide or kick right. These controls surely qualify for ease of use and easily learnt. A sense of competitiveness and family game could be incorporated by a count of how many times you have kept the ball up which you could compare with family and friends.

This would be my game I am making, I will address any issues with it once I have pitched it to my tutor next week.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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