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Creative Futures- Graphics (11/11/13)


In Mondays session of creative futures we learnt about the use of graphics in games and in real life to promote a message, this resulted in a large scale of things being expressed on the matter. We was asked to look at a picture which our tutor had removed all forms of signage and graphics to test if we could spot every form of sign that would appear on a street of a busy location.


This is not the exact same image that was used but it represents the same principles of the image we was given to analyse. This is image is of time square with all the ads blocked out with boxes. Instead we had all signs photoshopped out of the image so we had to actually spot what was missing. The list we all compiled covered all of the missing graphics or signs, the list contained:

  • Road Signs
  • Logos
  • Billboards
  • Text
  • Companies
  • Vehicles (Logos, banners, numbers)
  • Advert prints
  • Digital screens (Especially time square)
  • Clothing (Brand/marketing/logo/peoples attire)
  • Objects (Can of Dr. Pepper, Top Shop Bag, Bag of Walkers Crisps)
  • Images
  • Language/ specific country signs

This covered all the things we could have said on that particular street. This was all to emphasis how much signage is used in daily life its everywhere around us promoting different things and giving us guidance. This is a game is of massive importance “realism=graphics” for example if you have a police car in your made up city of Zeeron you need to make sure that all the police cars and station is using the same graphics/logo throughout the game to keep the realism but also to recognise it as a police car you would need to research the stereotypical liveries and graphics on a police car like the badge the text etc. One slight alteration in the realism of a game could throw your audience off as they no longer believe their surroundings which makes them lost interest. Even if its not a AAA game you cannot afford to neglect the importance of graphics. In a game you have to imagine and make your customers imagine that in that world there are people who are graphics designers both old/young and good/bad so the realism is there as not all graphics are perfect, for example in a medieval game you can walk down a street and see a tavern with graphic design of a big piece of wood with tavern carved into it with a dagger roughly (bad graphic design), then continue down the street to a blacksmiths shop who has chipped his sign out of stone in beautiful style of text with swords on it (good graphic design); so the contrast there is evident but it all adds to the realism of the surroundings.

We was then tasked after this to go away and collect some examples using a camera of good and bad graphics of any sort. To have an eye for good graphics or an attention to the creative. We would then have to talk about these self collected images on our blog to approve or disapprove of them. This will give me time to appreciate graphics in my surrounding whereas normally you would just disregard them as they may not be significant to what I am currently doing, so its all the eye to attention and the creative.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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