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Creative Futures- “Adaptation” (6/11/13)


In the latest lecture for Creative Futures (my other creative future blog) we was introduced and given a brief for “Adaptation”.

Games Designers: you will have to take an existing media product- that origin product could be a story, novel, or an original performance event, opera, stage play, song (or album concept), historic event or myth, radio play, film (live action) or animation (other media will be considered in consultation with your tutors/staff)

The idea behind this was to sell a game, not actually make a game but sell the idea of a game. To do this I would need to consider many things which are fundamental features in a game, these would be:

  • Props
  • Characters/costumes
  • Layout
  • Product Design
  • Levels/ Skills
  • Genre
  • Target Audience
  • Iconography
  • Controls
  • Navigation

These few bullet points will need to be considered in the pitch of the game and I will have to sketch up a visual side to this so I can pitch my ideas across easier to my tutor. But before I did all this I needed to find myself a media product to base my work upon and turn into a game. To begin my research I had to dig into my mind for media products that when I have come across them I have thought to myself “that would be a good game” and I know I have done it before whilst watching a movie.

This gave me an idea, as a student at 6th form I did Film Studies A Level and because of this it would mean I had a large database of research and knowledge of the ins and outs of certain films I did on my course. I then listed the films I studied: The Descent, Stagecoach, Unforgiven, Severance, Dog Soldiers, Gladiator and Layer Cake. The film I did my main essay on was Gladiator and its a film I know very well, I asked some students what they would think about a Gladiator game based on the movie where an exiled commander is forced into the gladiator ring and has to fight his way through battle after battle to try gain his freedom and crush the Emperors respect in revenge. Most of them thought it was a really good idea, but I researched into it and found a game already done in similar fashion. Due to this I had to make it my own by editing the style of play, still using the film as guidance for time period and style. To do this I wanted to put it into a football manager style of game.

So the concept idea for the Gladiator game was to have it set up the same as football manager style wise, where you work your way from the small battle arenas as an arena master managing and training your team of slaves to turn them into gladiators by eventually making your way to Rome. I decided the name of the game would be “Road to the Coliseum”.

Putting that to one side the only other film I thought would be interesting developed into a game would be The Descent. With a particular rise in the genre of survival games in the gaming industry with recent games such as: The Last of Us, Call of Duty Zombies and Tomb Raider. I read an interesting article on the rise of survival games with a prediction at the end that it may become even bigger ( So if you are unfamiliar with the film The Descent its a group of Females (Gender alteration to stereotypical protagonists) who are descending into a unfamiliar cave to find a alien/monster race hunting them as they try to escape. This would be a very good survival game as it also crosses into the genre of horror which always ups the tension of a game and keeps you glued/ on edge for the next moment. This would be a story mode game with missions all of the path to escaping the cave with or without your team (no spoilers), with an added multiplayer online mode of survival with would be in waves/rounds where you fight off the monsters with your team which weapons are obviously limited in the film to your climbing equipment and your surroundings (no guns) this would add to the difficulty massively.

Both ideas need developing and drawing up before I fully focus on one but I will pitch my ideas to my tutor in the next session to bring maybe some indication to which would be better to focus on. This is purely my decision in the end and I will need to go deeper into research and planning of the games to create a successful pitch for my adaptation.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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