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Flash- Tutorial and Introduction


Todays lesson on Casual Games we was introduced to software that we will be using this software was Adobe Flash Professional. My previous experience in flash is very limited, all i have done in flash throughout my education was a interactive quiz for my OCR Nationals Level 3 ICT which was a short project to asisst our unit, this had limited features but it did use alot like a scoreboard, scoring marks, buttons, back/forward buttons and a replay button. This leaves me with the basics but not much, i certainly wouldnt class myself as knowing my way around flash. To get us all started we was told to check out the Flash Tutorial on the adobe website, this tutorial involved the basics of flash to get us used to it. The task was to get a ball to bounce on and off the screen in one simple movement. I created my ball and always knew about motion tweens and how they worked so instead of doing the bounce i decided to do a flying loop with my ball. This as you can see worked perfectly well but i wanted to test my skills in flash and motion tweening so i drew a stick man which then lead onto the stick man spinning jumping and kicking the ball off the screen. This pleased my as i successfully motion tweened 2 layers together to make one flash movie clip, but the dissapointments was i wanted to have more animation on the stick man so he for example bent his knee when jumping and maybe some arm action; due to me not knowing how to do this at this stage i was unable to do it.

Now i had my finished flash a stickman spinning then jumping and kicking the looping ball off the screen. The next step was to venture into the dreaded world of scripting and coding to enter a “stop” code, this would prevent the flash from constantly looping round so you could stop the script. This was fairly easy as it was a simple “stop () ;” code nothing else was required. I tested it and it worked perfectly but now when the flash had finished it was just stuck and you had to close and reload the clip to watch it again. This required me to do the next step of the tutorial which was replay button, once again the scripting and code world loomed over me like a bird of prey (im not sure if you have noticed that im not a fan of scripting) but fortunately for me this time the code was provided on the tutorial so it was a lucky escape. Due to the code being given there was no issues and the replay button was successful. This terminated my flash project as i had finished all that was left to do was to publish and then export. I exported it onto my Youtube page so that i could embed it into my blog for you readers to have a look.

This was the beginning of experimenting with flash as between now and next lesson we have been issued with a optional task of making a flash project in which a circle is directed using the arrow keys on the keyboard. This would purely be to make a next step in flash design as next week we have to pitch our ideas for a casual game.


Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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