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3D Realisation- 3D Focus (9/10/11)


In this session I had to present my 3 3D artists (Tor Frick, Christopher Radsby and Paul Pepera see 3D Realisation- Artists Research for more information on them) to Gareth and Paul my tutors in 3D, I opened up by showing them everything about my 3d artists and what they have done just so they were clear on that my artists met the given task of 2 shipped games. Once I had explained to them about my leniency towards Tor Frick being my chosen sole artist to focus my design on it went down very well, they did suggest originally that I should check him out but by confirming he was my favourite pleased them as they both enjoy the work of Tor Frick. Whilst explaining my ideas of how I would adapt his work into my own, I mentioned I would like to be a level design because I like how the environments and all the visual of a level looks. This immediately caused a problem as then I was shown what a level designer was, a level designer is the person who makes the level as the basic shapes and terrain no textures at all just plain blocks. The 3d artist is the person who puts the visuals onto what they have been given with level design. So by learning this I quickly decided its definitely 3d environment artist I am looking towards doing for this brief.

“Level design is really about planning the flow of the level, making decisions about gameplay, and laying out challenges for the player to overcome. Level design as a discipline starts with written plans and drawn schematics before firing up a level editing tool.

“Pure” level design is embodied by a workflow called “white-boxing” where the level designer places blank (not necessarily white, anymore than blueprints have to be blue) geometry in the scene to establish scale and structure, places all the dynamic items and enemies around the scene, and then environment artists go through and replace all the stand-in geometry with polished assets.” – jhocking.


This is level design.

So from finding out my misunderstanding of 3d environment artist and 3d level designer I focused on what I was going to do with my work. Then I was sent on my way by my tutors as I needed to now focus on what I was going to be designing for my brief. I had thought up a few ideas from going into extensive research on Tor Frick, but wasn’t sure if I was thinking too big for my first ever 3d task. So until next week it was pure design focus for me. I was also told that I would need to produce a physical model for whatever I was going to be designing in 3d, and that there were multiple ways of going about it: clay, cardboard, paper etc. I have no experience of modelling things apart from with Lego bricks as a child so this will be a learning curve for me im sure. Regardless of that my ideas will not be toned down just because I may struggle on the physical side of modelling.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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