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3D Realisation- Artists Research (2/10/13)


After being handed a brief on 3D Realisation which was for us to make a physical and programmed model of a 3d item of our choice, but to do this we had to research the world of gaming to find some inspiration for our work, but these artists had to have at least 2 shipped games so not just any random freelancer.

So beginning the research most of the students found it difficult to find anyone as most of us typed in the game we liked and then 3d designer e.g. Dead Space 3d designer, this did not work most of the time as either they were not on the internet for some reason of they had LinkedIn and we had to personally know them to see their profile. So I had an idea to search credits of a game for the 3d designers in the game, obviously there was multiple but mainly I searched the leader of the group as surely he has the most experience in the field. This lead to my first artist Christoffer Radsby, he has been doing environmental 3d design for many years with big titles such as: Motorstorm: Apocalypse, Far Cry 3, Wipeout 2048 and most recently still in production Tom Clancy’s: The Division.

Radsby FarCry3 Level

That is just one example of his work (image: go check his website out for more on his portfolio the freelance environments are also very beautiful.

So with one down I still had 2 artists still to find. With finding Christoffer Radsby it was leaning me towards doing the environment side of 3D design, I have always appreciated the environments of most games as the first thing I do is look at what’s around me rather than the gameplay as I want to feel immersed in the game as if im there or im the character. So after much a struggle trying to find the 3d artist for dead space that’s actually online I came across someone else, Paul Pepera.

Paul Pepera is a 3d game artist and his shipped titles include the massive game Halo 4, Section 8 and Red Orchestra 2. He is currently working at Valve so most likely he has some AAA titles yet to add to that list of shipped games. Here is one of his rendered models.

Paul Pepera Mechanical 3D

As you can see this is rendered to that of a very high quality, this is very good work in 3d art and takes a lot of skill and time to create something as high quality as this. So with Paul Pepera it gave me a different option other than environments which would be the objects or machines of a game such as a escape pod or a robotic arm, all things like this are key to a game as the prime objective is to make it believable and feel real as well as other important things.

With 2 artists down I still needed one and my personal preference was still to doing a 3d environment for my work, so after much searching I came across a 3d artist called Tor Frick, his shipped games include Far Cry 3, Gears of War 3 and Bullet storm. But his work was amazing the attention to detail and high quality of his work was to me astonishing being just a starter student. My tutors also approved of the work of Tor Frick a lot which indicated to me that if I was to pick environments he was the one I would focus on. Here is a video on one of his spare time 3d builds:

He build that for fun in his own spare time in UDK using 69000 triangles in just over a week, amazing. This completely launched me into the world of being a 3d environment artist for my brief. And after not much debate with myself I chose to pick Tor Frick as the 1 3d artist I would base my work on and study further, I have contacted him to try get some words of wisdom but he is yet to reply.

3 artists:

I was very pleased with my final 3 artists as they all had amazing work and shipped titles to their name but due to having a personal interest in the 3d environments of games I chose Tor Frick to base my work on. The Datacore video I just showed you is what I will base my work on but I need to tailor it to my own vision which will take some planning and consideration.


Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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