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Introduction to Games Design- Research Topic Focus


I have been given a brief for our module of an interactive presentation timeline of the history of gaming. After given this we was shown a video called Thumb Candy- The History of Computer Games. Iain Lee is the presenter who takes us through the history of gaming from the first Space wars! in 1961 to the year of 2000 with Tekken Tag Tournament. Since then there have been many iconic games and consoles but this video was brilliant use to us for research in our brief as it covered a huge range of the gaming industries history. So what I wanted to do from that was do similar to this but bring it up to date as recent games such as Halo and Assassins Creed have to go down as iconic games.

This video did focus much on the companies in gaming and the alteration between who was the top from Atari to Nintendo. My focus of research that I picked out of a hat was “Icons of Gaming”, this topic I was very pleased with as I could do a wide range of topics from characters to designers and everything in-between in the gaming industry.  So I could have centralised Thumb Candy as my pure research and guideline, but I wanted to focus my research and gather it myself so I felt more engaged with the topic. Due to this I decided to choose “Iconic Games”. Once choosing this I did realise that in my research that this is a very debated topic as everyone has their own tastes, for example my preference is to games I grew up playing such as Spyro, Crash bandicoot and Pokémon whereas I am not a fan of Zelda but I wont neglect that it is a huge game because of my own personal views. Due to this being a debated topic it will take my extensive research and maybe even a survey for people to enter to give their own preferences to find my iconic games.


My idea for my interactive presentation even before my research has been gathered was to have a levelled game which did iconic games through the generations of gaming right up until the 7th generation, I decided the 8th generation was to be excluded as its not yet to come out although it is soon I think a clearer research will be determined if I focused on 1st-7th generation of gaming. So with the time period settled I drew up a plan for my levelled game with some ideas for which games would fit in. The idea would be as you take the ball or the character into a item it would bring up information on the screen then you can go back and forth to re-read certain parts or enter the final ball to start the next level which would be the next generation.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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