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Drawing 101- Life Drawing (16/10/13)

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In the latest instalment of Drawing 101 we was left purely to our own skills and techniques to do a life drawing of multiple items in the room. I chose to draw the mannequin and the art canvas stand to begin with. Whilst drawing this I had to use my previous taught drawing 101 lessons and then my own drawing skills. So once I had drawn some guidelines and boxes for the basis of my mannequin I drew the curves in rough over and over to find the line I felt I needed which was then firmly outlined. The shape of my mannequin I was very pleased with so then I added some skills from the last lesson of drawing 101 which was contour lines, this made the breast of the mannequin stand out much better and it also clearly defined the waist. During this drawing I could tell how much I had come on in just 3 weeks with these lessons and it spurred me on to keep practicing as clearly it was improving my drawing. I moved onto the art canvas stand, this I felt in particular the shading I did very well as there was multiple light sources so it wasn’t as easy as I originally thought to properly show the shading. The only problem I came across with the stand was the base I felt after I had drawn it I should have done it in perspective instead of just self presumption.

mannequin and canvas stand

mannequin and canvas stand

Then once I felt I had spent enough time and practice on the life drawing of the mannequin and canvas stand, I moved on to doing some quick 2minute sketches on some students who were also drawing chosen models, this was a harder test of my art skills as the time set was limited and some people was sat in different positions so contour lines was used on the faces to properly position the facial features and then pure judgement was used on the rest. I did 3 people in 6minutes and was pleased with my quick sketches, yes there was problems with certain elements as true detail was unable to be added to the face which is the defining feature of a person but for a quick sketch I felt my sketches were fairly accurate.

quick drawing people

quick drawing people

Finally I went back to basics with one thing I was taught in early years of doing art at school which was drawing and bottle and shading it. But this time I used contour lines to define the shape on the Pepsi bottle and also thick line/thin line to show the outline. Pencil pressure was key when drawing this as it was a see through bottle with embossed logo in the bottle so this was a challenge I felt I did well, I times it as well and it took 12minutes so wasn’t very fast but detail had been added and care taken in shading and 3d.

Pepsi bottle

Pepsi bottle

Overall I was very pleased with my art in this lesson and the progress I have made in these drawing 101 lessons was truly evident to me. This was shown particularly with the use of techniques I had been taught in previous lessons.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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