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Drawing 101- Lesson 1- 3/10/13


As our first lesson in Drawing 101 we was all took back to the very basics of drawing from doing simple 3d shapes to then shading those shapes by entering a light source on the page. We started by watching a video from a famous designer called Saul Bass who was giving advice to design students.

“Learn to draw, if you don’t you will live your life getting around that.” – Saul Bass

This was the key quotation I took from this video which really hit me as drawing is something I do but never did avidly it wasn’t a primary thing for me it was just a thing on the side I enjoyed from time to time.

My tutor then introduced me to the idea of pareidolia, this is the idea that you see faces and things in other items or unusual ways for example: you may see a cloud that looks like a car, or a patterned wallpaper you can see a face in etc. This I found particularly interesting as it made me think that art and design is all around us, we just need to have the vision to see something and think yes this would be artist or a good game.

Then came the actual drawing, we was asked to draw basic 3D objects on our sketch pads so a Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone and a Taurus. once we had done this we had to apply shading to the objects using a light source we place on the page.

basic shapes with shading

basic shapes with shading

Another thing on this page was the idea of we need to see the page not as a 2d flat page, we need to see it as a 3d plain so we can draw better in 3d. Apparently this will be hard to get used to but the progress in drawing 101 lessons will be apparent. Also we had a go at cutting segments out of shapes so I cut a segment out of a sphere to make it look more 3d.

Then for homework we was asked to do the same using different drawing utensils maybe some we are not used to drawing in just to take us out of our comfort zone. So doing this was going to be a test of where I currently was in drawing skills.

Homework Shapes

This is my finished product I used a central light source to test my skills at shadow angles and darkness’s, I also used pencil, pen and fine liner to draw the objects which all gave different effects to the shading of the shapes. As we was told not to use the rubber as mistakes are things to be learnt from I noticed that I am better at cones with shading than I am with the rest. But overall I was pleased with my basic 3d shapes and shading but I will keep practising them as the basics of drawing are the fundamentals to build on.

So the main thing I learn from that video and the lesson was I need to practice my drawings even just a little time a day and I will improve, drawing is a fantastic way of showing your ideas to clients that may be interested in your work and that is why I must learn to improve my drawing skills.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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