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Log Book Entry Two: 11/10/13

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In Fridays CATS lesson it was all mainly based on the word Analysis and what it means. The definition for analysis is “a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something”. Once we had discovered this we had multiple debates about gaming as it is today, the particular focus being Grand Theft Auto. The Grand Theft Auto series has spanned over 16years featuring 15games on multiple platforms the most recent being Grand Theft Auto V, it is a game which you can do everything you shouldn’t do in real life such as heavy violence, murder, gang war, drugs, robberies and much more violent related content. The discussion was one that troubles todays world as a big debate which is: Are video games related to violence? we had much debate on this with many opinions of why it is and isn’t, whether its the parents fault for buying their children these game when the game is rated 18 with one particular student being 4 when he first played Grand Theft Auto. So I decided to do some research on this and found many interesting topics on it, one being extremely shocking and not doing the game any favours a man was stabbed for collecting his pre order and had it stolen. This topic of nature versus nurture is one that will continue for many years, here’s an interesting article on the topic.

After this we was given a short clip of Space Odyssey to analyse

We w\s asked to get into groups and use our analysis skills to give feedback to the rest of the class on what we had found. My groups 3 topics to look at was Sound, Movement and Time. All of these topics linked together as the common theme was the speed which was all very slow, there was lots of tension built by this and the background sounds of a hiss which we perceived to be oxygen or a hissing pipe, the main sound of the clip was the voice of Hal 9000 and him trying to stop Dave from deactivating him, this was all very monotone and emotionless. The movement was slow as Dave had zero gravity to deal with as well as a precise operation to undertake to deactivate Hal. Then time was slow as it felt to us the time dragged due to the focus required on the clip and other elements which felt like the deactivation took longer than it did.

These analytical skills we had just used was a taster for us as to our next set of homework for CATS, which was to choose an image and write a comprehensive analysis (500 words) on it.

#gta-5-online-gameplayTo do this I have begun research on the game I have chosen which is one of my favourite games at this time and will have many opinions to it Grand Theft Auto V. I am researching it by analysing the visuals of the game and also the gameplay and why Rockstar may have chose to make the game this way.

I will also use my background research on the game to link it to social and historical context. So this is the beginning of my research.

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Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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