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Log Book Entry One: 4/10/13 CATS

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In our first lesson for CATS (Critical and Theoretical Studies) we was given an introduction to what we would be doing in CATS, this involved learning the history, theories and perspectives of Games Design to give us a “toolbox of information” about our chosen course. We will study others to give us inspiration which we will also critic.

For our first exercise we was given  multiple pictures and asked to us what they meant to our subject, for example there was a range of pictures from the Magnavox Odyssey (the first household games console) to the iPad (the all in one tablet). We decided as a group to individually discuss each picture and how it was relevant.

Then we was asked how Cultural artefact, Material culture, Media practice and Form of entertainment was relevant to Games Design, first off as a group we identified they all are in some way. Cultural artefact– The history and future of gaming shapes cultures of all ages due to the social participation and how it brings people together, for example: women’s role in gaming. Material culture– that a game has evolved into a social gathering online to speak and play co operatively. Media practice– one of the largest industries in the world with around 70% of people play video games. Form of entertainment– Goes without saying really one of the most prominent forms of entertainment around with around 3billion hours a week spent gaming as a planet.

We was then asked our opinions of what we believe the relationship is between a game and a gamer. This is not a straight forward question to answer due to it is totally reliant on both the game (emotional, shooter, adventure etc.) and the gamer (regular, occasional, rarely or hard-core) these factors both play a part in how engaged the gamer will be in the game so it totally depends on the situation.

After this we watched this TED lecture by Kevin Kelly on How technology evolves

Once we had watched this we was given our brief and some homework. The homework set was some keywords and also was to bring in a picture which to me personally meant gaming, I have chose to pick a childhood system which to this day is the reason why I am so passionate about gaming and have chosen to pursue it as a career, The PlayStation 1. This system was bought for me when I was just 2years old and I enjoyed many hours on games such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, which are still my favourite games to this day.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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