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Icons Of Gaming History Research Focus


This is the focus of my research for my module brief of making a flash or other program game of a timeline. My topic is Icons of Gaming, so throughout the year i will be focusing on producing this. But i will start with the raw research of my given topic so i have a focus and vision to what my flash project might be like. I am going to be looking to produce info-graphics on my research to give a visual aid of data to my work, these will be particularly useful as it will compress my work into visual data rather than pages of statistics or information.  Assessment criteria include; research, reflection, selectivity; use of evidence; critical perspective; thoroughness of concept; the intuitiveness of game mechanics; the visual quality, navigation, structure and “usability”; progress; and the technical learning and effectiveness.

“Our lives aren’t even about doing real things most of the time. We think and talk about people we’ve never met, pretend to visit places we’ve never actually been to, discuss things that are just names as though they were as real as rocks or animals or something.”

– Tad Williams, Otherland: Mountain of Black Glass

With my topic of “Icons of Gaming” it will allow me to broaden my knowledge of the gaming industry by looking for specific people, companies or even iconic characters that have helped shape the gaming industry to what it is today, for example the iconic Nintendo due to their revival of gaming, or people like Steve Russell who created what is credited as one of the first video games “Spacewar!”.

Author: Jason Pook 3D

Current student at Hull School of Art and Design studying Games Design.

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