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Social Event 04/10/2013 Beyond:Two Souls

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On Friday I attended a social open to the public gaming event which allowed us to play the full version of Beyond: Two Souls on the PlayStation 3 pre-release. I attended the event with 3 other students as we wanted to get a glimpse of the game, but when we arrived expecting the event to be very busy and we would see very little gameplay we was 4 of 8 people at the event. Due to the lack of people we got to see a lot of gameplay and properly test the game for ourselves, unfortunately we was not allowed to record or take images of the gameplay due to copyrighting and the game being unreleased.


This game which I have been particularly excited for due to the previous success of Quantic Dreams Heavy Rain which won 3 BAFTA’s for its original music, technical innovation and story. So due to this I expected no less than visual magnificence and I must say it didn’t disappoint the graphics and rendering of the game was very pleasing to the eye the realism of the faces was particularly surprising with the eyes having extreme detail. The controls were very simple once you had got used to them with the movement of the characters being fluid and realistic, the right analogue stick was used for movement which is a big improvement from the R2 of Heavy Rain. On one particular part your character uses her physiological paranormal powers to fly through the walls of a bathroom and take over the mind of a person to retrieve top secret details. This for me was fantastic as no game I had played before had used paranormal powers in that way with such elegance and fluidity supported by simple movements of the analogue sticks to take control of the mind.

That being said it seemed to me that this was more of a visual spectacular rather than gameplay as much of the game that we played involved cinematic scenes which had one or two controls to continue to visual scene. This slightly disengaged me from the character as I didn’t feel as in control as I should have been to begin with. Most of the action is done through quick time events (QTE’s) where the player has a series of buttons or actions to input in a specific order, the speed and accuracy of the players input will be reflected in the outcome of the QTE. In most cases it lead to the scene having to be repeated or ended as the objective was reliant on this action precision. Another feature incorporated was optional replies which was down to you to choose, for example you was asked a question and the options was Truth, Lie or Ignore which all had different outcomes to the scene, this feature allowed the gamer to have more choice in what they might wish to happen in the upcoming events. For a  official overview of Beyond: Two Souls follow this link.

This is the 60second TV trailer for Beyond: Two Souls.

Overall I was very impressed with the game and I am glad I went as I was unsure on the game beforehand but now having played it I am sure I will be purchasing the game. This will certainly be a game which will immerse you the gamer in the plot, its definitely a game which has had the objective to explore the emotional side of gaming using gameplay and cinematic scenes in seamless transition with each other.

Another good video and view of concept art from Beyond: Two Souls.

Also at the event we was surprised at the end when we got to experience gameplay on a PS4 as a Sony representative was there, it looked amazing in every way from the controller to the home menu layout, that is a console I am very excited for.

I will be blogging more about social events with the next one being Platform Expo in Hull on both 15th and 16th of November. I will try to attend as many events as I possibly can to broaden my research and bring information to my brilliant subscribers.

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