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Social Event Participation 02/10/13 MCFC 1894

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A social art event 02/10/13

A social art event 02/10/13

This is a social art event i took part in on 02/10/2013, i am the blue just below the middle line of the F. This was at the Manchester City vs Bayern Munich Champions League match at the Etihad Stadium. The stand spells out MCFC (top tier) 1894 (lower tier). This picture was taken by a manchester city photographer and uploaded on to their twitter so this is how i got the photograph.

I have chose this to enter into my blog as it is a social event the idea of many people partaking in one activity to do something, in this case every individual had a small piece of plastic coloured either white or blue to hold up when the commentator announced. This created art. The purpose behind the visual spectacular was to celebrate the club of Manchester City and its history since 1894.

the momento of the occasion

The momento of the occasion

This is the momento of the occasion. it reads “City invites you to take part in a visual spectacular in the lead up to today’s match. Every seat in the family stand will have one of these sheets. Moments before the teams enter the pitch, the stadium announcer wil ask you to raise this above your heart with the plain side facing upwards and towards the pitch. Together we will spell out “MCFC 1894″ in our club colours, creating a banner to celebrate our pride and history.
Thank you for your continued support and for participating in this segment which will be seen by millions of spectators across the globe and help make night’s like tonight so special.”

This will also be uploaded on my facebook page PHASEgaming.

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